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The Best Christmas Party Colognes For Men

Updated on July 28, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, the narrative you’re about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the silly who sometimes don’t act their age.

It was a cold dark Midwest night when the call came in. A lady in distress, a friend in need told me her workplace boyfriend decided it was a great time to dump her a week before her office holiday bash. My gut told me this dude was a douche bag and she was bad boy chasing again. Rather than say I told you so, I remembered even an angel’s halo (and mind) slips from time to time.

This is where I come in, I’m a friend, I carry wings, and I’m a wingman. Apologies to Jack Webb and the entire production crew of Dragnet (don’t know what Dragnet is, Google it up).For those who didn’t read my article, 2011 Christmas Party Perfume Ideas, I hope previous sentences brought you up to speed.

When it comes to going out with someone other than myself, I really don’t have a problem deciding on what to slide my body in or which cologne will be best for the mood I’m trying to set. Tonight is another story, I have to play the part of a replacement dude.

My suit was chosen for me to give the look of money and sophistication. The suit of the night is what I call my blue Brooks Brothers. Is it a real BB? No but…. With the clothing arrangement made for me, I was weapons free to choose the scent of the night.

I wanted to go with something uplifting and fresh and above all an attention grabber. Based on these criteria, I made my list and checked it twice. This is what I came up with

Guilty Pour Homme-Released in 2011 from our good friends at Gucci made it to the finals based on previous input from a few women I tested the scent on. The comment I received most was this was an “I’m going to jump your bones” or “this is the scent I would want to smell on my pillow after you’re gone.”

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme pulls this off by featuring:

·Top Notes- Amalfi Lemon, Lavender

·Middle Notes-African Orange Flower

·Base Notes-Patchouli, Virginia Cedar

At the time I took my impromptu poll, Gucci Guilty wasn’t on the shelves. As of this writing this scent is gaining popularity and may become about as common as Acqua Di Gio. Based on the elements that make up this scent, I was a little surprised at the aphrodisiac like response I got from my little test group.

I took a step back and took a second look and came up with this theory. The opening or top lemon notes have the ability to open up the mind (to loving making perhaps) while the lavender notes work on bringing the tension levels down.

The orange middle notes bring happy, relaxing and warm feelings to the party. The patchouli and cedar base notes promote a calm feeling. Combined these element make a nice smelling aphrodisiac which is supposed to produce the soothing feeling that would be necessary before one could get it on.

Guilty was a top choice not because I want to sleep with my friend but the scent produces an overall feeling of relaxation.

Midnight In Paris-by Van Cleef and Arpel released in 2010 made the number two spot in my quest for a nice scent for the party. This scent is fairly light and probably wouldn’t make it as a bar scent but for a place where there won’t be a lot of heavy odors like smoke, it’s a good choice.

Midnight in Paris features:

·Top Notes-Amalfi Lemon,Bergamot,Holly,Leather,Rosemary

·Middle Notes-Lilly Of The Valley,Styrax,Tea

·Base Notes- Almond Benzoin,Incense,Tonka Bean

This fragrance is full of all sorts of relaxing feel better notes. I spoke of the opening lemon notes above. Combined with the lemon, bergamot brings a little warmth to the show while helping to reduce the stress and tension that would be shadowing us through the night. Rosemary is a good oil to help clear the mind, a clear mind would be needed to prevent a possible job losing scene

The almond and benzoin base notes wake up the mind while calming the nerves. Midnight in Paris didn’t hit the top spot simply because it doesn’t last a long time. If this was my top choice, I would have had to bring a little vial along of this scent with me to reinforce the primary application.

Subtil Pour Homme-by Salvatore Ferragamo, released in 2003 was my third choice of colognes of this night. This is one of my favorite work or first meeting/date scents. Fresh, light and as you would guess, uplifting.

Subtil Pour Homme-by Salvatore Ferragamo, released in 2003 was my third choice of colognes of this night. This is one of my favorite work or first meeting/date scents. Fresh, light and as you would guess, uplifting.

This scent is a mood elevator from beginning to end starting with the top note cardamom, a cookie spice that has refreshing and uplifting properties. The coriander middle note also uplifts the spirit, relieves tension and does something with those nerves. The rose middle note brings the mind back together by taking out funky feelings like anger, fear, and grief. Emotions that are sure to be around after a break up.

The down side to Subtil is it doesn’t stay on my skin too long, maybe something going on with my body chemistry. I’ll have to pass out some samples to a few guys and see if they get the same results.

Subtil features:

·Top Notes-Cardamom, Ginger, Lotus Leaf, Mandarin Orange

·Middle Notes-Coriander,Rose,Violet

·Base Notes-Amber,Musk,Patchouli

These three colognes have I need to help make tonight successful. However, none of these guys seem to be what I need to really grab attention. What’s a man to do? Do what we do often, go all in.

I decided to wear all three scents at once using a technique called layering (I’ll speak more on this in another hub). Layering basically is combining two or more perfumes or colognes to make a super scent.

I have several combos that I will share at a later date. This combo is called “lick arm.” This name comes from the reaction I got when I whipped it out on a lady who finds my mind intriguing. After smelling my wrist (a fragrance application hot spot), she began to lick my arm.

Lick arm consists of two to three long squirts of Midnight in Paris and Subtil followed by one, possibly two short squirts of the longer lasting Gucci Guilty. My thinking here is the scents will complement each other via their different burn or dry times.

Lick arm was well received by my friend as we went out the door. A short time later we arrived at the party, grabbed my first Jack and stood online for our name tags. Suddenly I feel my hand being pulled. The evil ex was coming up the escalator. Thankfully he showed up by himself, spoke, shook my hand and moved on.

No macho chest thumping nonsense . The rest of the evening went fairly smooth. A little dancing about, dude checking us out from time to time between his chats with company big shots.

Later I bumped in this gentleman in the restroom. We spoke, he asked how she was and made small talk designed to see how I fit into the night and to determine if I would be waiting outside for him. The talk continued at one of the drink tables where he let me know he knew about me and my friendship with my friend.

He heard of my insane devotion to keeping my word and asked me to keep a secret until the day after Christmas. Can't figure that one out. Not being sappy but I would think telling the truth on Christmas would make a nice present.

Turns out this guy in his mind had to dump her the way he did because he was offered a position that has direct oversight of my friend’s position. He apparently wants to keep the relationship going but in secret.

Normally not a good idea but in this case, things may work out. My friend announced in the car on the way to the party that she had accepted an offer for a job across town with another company.

She planned to put her two weeks in after the holidays.

It's a Christmas miracle


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