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Body and Face Makeup Tools - Essential Body Beauty Kit

Updated on February 21, 2015

Undecided on what you need for head-to-toe good looks? Consider these basic tools below and learn how it will be helpful to keep your body beautiful. They are displayed in alphabetical order for ease of reference.

Body or face makeup can turn into a disorganized mess if you don't know the right tools to use. If you find yourself spending more time trying and making mistakes during make up, then you probably should find out the various beautifying tools you need to do the right move and collect sufficient makeup tools for your daily use as well as one for those special events. 


Back brush is important for bare-back beauty. Use this brush to cleanse the parts of your back that is unreachable by hands. If you have spotty skin, use an anti-bacterial wash.

COMB (A good quality comb)

When choosing a comb, look for the wide-toothed comb for combing through wet hair, applying conditioner and styling hair. A bad quality comb or brush can cause damage to your hair. Therefore, be sure to choose a comb or a brush that suits your hair length, thickness, and texture.



Edge-shaped cosmetic sponges are very useful to apply the foundation evenly as well as getting into the awkward little crevices on your face, like around your nostrils.  Wash the sponges with regular soap after use. That will make them last a little longer. If your sponge has lost their original shape, smells odd, or is starting to shred at the edges, it is time to get a new one. For cleanliness and healthy skin, the sponge should normally be replaced after just a few uses. 



All purpose cotton buds is a handy tool, useful for removing eye make-up smudges or to soften eyeliner, leaving your face with smooth and even make up without harsh lines. It is also useful to dip in any liquid beauty products such as whitening liquid or nail polish remover. Just dip the cotton bud in a nail polish remover and apply it on the nail to remove the nail colour mistakes.



Cotton wool is an essential tool for applying beauty products as well as cleansing. Soak a cotton ball in toner and wipe over your face and neck to refresh after cleansing. A cotton pad can be used to apply baby lotion or cleanser to remove make-up and clean your face.  A big wodge of cotton wool can be used to dust translucent powder over your face.  If you want to use the purest possible products, free from pesticide residues, consider organic cotton cool.



Emery board is useful for filing fingernails. The coarser-grained side can be used to shorten the nail while the finer-grained side is used to shape the nail. When you file your nail, file from side to centre, rather than backwards and forwards.


Epilator is the best tool to remove hair on the chin when compared to shaving, waxing and using tweezers. It is easy to use, less painful and achieve slow hair re-growing rate. It also prevents coarse hair growth. It works by mechanically grasping and pulling out multiple hairs at one time. It follows similar mechanism as waxing, however, unlike waxing; they do not remove cells from the outer layer of the skin (epithelium of the epidermis). For some people, epilating can be painful since it pulls hair out of the roots. If you intend to use epilator, it is recommended to have the area professionally waxed for the first time, and use epilator for subsequent hair re-growth.

It is a very convenient tool to bring along while travelling since it is battery operated, rechargable and come in such a small size that you can place it in your purse.


Eyebrow razor is used to remove the eyebrow hair by shaving, perfect for eyebrow trimming. Its long handle and blade can remove hair with precision in small area or curve. Mark the eyebrow shape with a white pencil, then use the eyebrow razor to remove hair along that line. Its long handle helps to exert right kind of hand pressure.

Avoid exerting excessive pressure during shaving with razor as it can cause skin irritation, leading to ingrown hair and infection.


Brow Scissors and Brush are essential in total brow grooming. This special scissors comes with large finger holes for good hand control and it designed to bend slightly for easier positioning. The blades are very sharp with straight blades, perfect for trimming and keeping hair from slipping. Brow Brush is useful to shapes the eyebrows after trimming.


Tweezers are useful to pluck hair from eyebrows that have grown or spread out disorderly and fit fiddly false eyelashes.


Eyelash curler gives you lovely curly lashes and is a must-have for beautiful eyes. Just clamp the eyelashes carefully in the curlers for a few seconds, and release them gently. Shiseido Eyelash Curler has very good ratings and is a favourite among many customers.


The narrow flat-edged eyeshadow brush is useful to put on and blend eyeshadow, highlighting your brow bone and contouring. It can also be used to dab on concealer for covering spots and dark shadows under the eyes.


No, this is not the wash cloth that is hanging in your bathroom. This microfiber face cloth is much finer and is specifically designed to cleanse your face without harming your skin and they are popular. It can be used to exfoliate face and body when used together with cleanser. Use it for removing dirt, excess oils, make up and dead skin cells from your body with coarse sea salt or a body scrub. This will leave you with clear complexion. NuFountain (on the right) face cloth is chemical free, washable up to 60 times.


Friction sponge, also called body mitt, is good for body massage before and during shower or bath to remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation, muscle relaxation and helps to prevent cellulite forming. It comes in oval shape with an opening at one end to allow your hand to go inside. This facilitates ease of use and effective control during body exfoliating session. This body mitt is particularly good for dry skin which needs to be exfoliated regularly for softer and smoother skin.


Hairbrush is great for grooming, styling, and keeping your hair in tip-top condition. If you only buy one, make it an all-purpose vent brush. Vent Hair Brush has widely spaced, flexible bristles. Created with holes in the central base, the vent hair brush allows good air flow which is useful for faster blow drying. These brushes can also boost volume, and detangle your hair.


Orange sticks are manicure tool useful for all round nail care. They are often orange in colour and were originally made from orangewood. The horseshoe shaped end pushes back the hard white skin at the base of the nail (cuticle) while the pointed end is useful to clean the dirt under the nails. There are other tools (mentioned above) that can be used to do these things, but orange sticks are usually cheaper. They are convenient to carry around and are gentler on the nails.


Nail buffer can be used to rub your fingernails or toenails for a smooth glossy shine look. After cleaning and drying your nails, rub nail buffer backwards and forwards across unvarnished nails. The three- or four-sided buffers help to smooth nail surface with sharply uneven edges and ridges.  The nails can appear as if they have had clear gloss applied.  This little buffing action also helps to stimulate blood circulation and enhance healthier nail growth.



Natural sponge, also called natural sea sponge, originated from the skeletons of a type of marine animal and is super-absorbent.  Use a large one to wash your body in the bath or shower, and a smaller one to apply foundation on your face. The soft texture of the sponge helps slough off dead surface cells, leaving your skin looking newer, fresher and brighter. Always rinse them each time after use.


Powder brush is meant to apply powder over the entire face. A fat powder brush can double up as a blusher brush. Pat on translucent powder and dust off the excess with a big brush. When applying powder on your face, use the powder brush to brush in gentle sweeping movement across your cheeks to prevent any harsh lines of colour.


Powder puff is a must for applying face powder over the face. Dust translucent powder on to your face or use it to dab bronzing powder over chest and shoulders if you are very pale.



Pumice stone is in fact volcanic lava which has cooled to form a soft stone. It is perfect for getting rid of scaly skin. Soak hard skin on your feet or elbows in warm soap water then gently rub the skin with pumice stone. Rinse and dry the skin. Smooth the skin with moisturizer.

smockey eyes
smockey eyes



Sponge applicator is useful for putting on cream or powder eye-shadow to the eye area to achieve clean and sexy touch. It is also used to get a dramatic look such as smockey eye.  You can also use it for blending lip liner into your lipstick.



Toe separators make pedicures easier.  Just place the finger-shaped ends in between the toes when you are painting the toe nails. This helps to reduce nail painting mistakes as well as protecting fresh nail polish as it dries.


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