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Cure your skin with the right diet

Updated on March 19, 2014

The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer

The Healthy Skin Diet: Your complete guide to beautiful skin in just 8 weeks

The health of our skin is affected by what we put into our bodies. With the proper nutrition, we can all improve our skin and help cure skin problems. No matter how good your skincare regime is, if your diet is inadequate you body will not have the correct building blocks to form a beautiful complexion.

In "The Healthy Skin Diet" nutritionist Karen Fischer looks at the dietary causes and cures for unsightly conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis and cellulite. She shows what we should eat and drink in order to overcome these problems and help our bodies create beautiful skin.

Fischer's basic premise is that the body makes new skin every eight weeks. Every day our body creates new cells and replenishes itself. By providing your body with the correct building blocks for healthy skin, it is possible to improve your complexion and get rid of, or at the very least improve, frustrating skin conditions that range from acne and blackheads to rosacea and dry skin.

Thus, Fischer promises if you follow her dietary health plan over eight weeks, that it is possible to eat and sip your way into a new, prettier looking skin. She doesn't claim that the diets will be a permanent and miraculous cure for genetic conditions such as eczema. However, she does say that if you follow the principals of the diets that all of these conditions will be vastly improved and controlled.

The Healthy Skin Diet starts with a three day body cleansing diet to ensure that your body's digestive system is working properly. Unlike some cleansing diets, that allow nothing but fruit and liquids, this dietary cleanse includes solids foods. This makes the cleanse easier to stick to. Once the cleansing diet is completed it is on to the general healthy skin diet.

Most of the skin diet is common sense. Fisher encourages fresh fruit and vegetable intake and the consumption of wholegrains and fish. If you can't stand fish, she recommends linseeds, otherwise known as flaxseeds. However, the dietary program also includes other items that are potent skin improvers, such as dandelion tea and turmeric. She also lists foods to avoid as they can aggravate specific skin conditions. Some of these items, such as chocolate and alcohol, will not surprise. However, some of the items on the list of foods may not be so obvious. For example, rosacea sufferers should avoid pineapple and strawberries.


Developing healthy skin

Fisher also outlines dietary guidelines to follow for various skin conditions. A chapter is devoted to each skin condition, listing specific dietary and nutritional causes for each problem.

The conditions covered include:

  • acne
  • cellulite
  • dandruff
  • cradle cap
  • excema/dermatitis
  • children's clear skin programme
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea

For each skin condition, Fisher looks at what are the nutritional causes. She outlines a dietary action plan to combat each problem. She includes questionairres which are designed to help indicate if you are suffering from a particular nutritional deficiency. She also discusses dietary supplements that will assist according to the particular skin condition.

There are also general chapters on being beautiful and general health. This includes advise on breathing and de-stressing. There is also a section on good skin care routines and information about different skin care products.

Even if you have good skin this book is worth a look at. Karen Fisher is a nutritionist and the menus at the back of the book are well balanced, healthy and most of them actually are delicious.

Some of what she has to say is just plain good sense. This is not just a book about healthy skin. It is a book about healthy living and having a healthy attitude.

If you have had an annoying skin condition for years, and thrown lots of topical treatments at it, this will give you the information to try to fix the causes from inside your body. At the very least, you will be end up feeling better by following this program, because you body will start to feel healthier.


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