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Home remedies to fade skin spots - what really works

Updated on January 2, 2016

Remove and fade age spots

Age spots, sometimes known as liver spots, or pigmentation on the skin can be annoying. These blemishes tend to form with age and sun exposure. However, the good news is that with persistence and time there are ways to successfully fade, remove and prevent the age spots.


To get rid of skin spots, the first thing to do is to look at your diet. Pigmentation on the skin can increase if you have too many toxins in your system. If your digestive system, including your liver is working efficiently you have less chance of developing age spots.

Give you body's digestive system the best chance to function properly and help it remove skin pigmentation. One of the best ways is to ensure that you are properly hydrated. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Adding a dash of apple cider vinegar to your glass of water, can also aid the digestive system. After a couple of weeks of adding apple cider vinegar to their drinking water, many people report that their skin appears to look fresher and healthier.

Eat lots of fresh food, including fruit, vegetables and whole grains also helps keep your skin beautiful. Also, some people find it beneficial to take chlorophyll. This green liquid substance acts as an internal cleanser and can be added to water. It is available from health food stores. Just make sure you follow the directions on the packaging regarding dosage.

You also may wish to consider taking a health supplement to help improve the general health of your skin and fade liver spots. if you are unable to regularly consume adequate amounts of fresh foods. However, having a healthy diet in the first place is obviously the most healthy option.

Diets low in Omega 3 can also aggravate skin spots and pigmentation. Try to include Omega 3 foods in your diet. Dietary sources include flaxseeds, otherwise known as linseeds and fish.

If you do make dietary changes be aware that it takes around 6 - 8 weeks before you notice any affects on your skin, such as the fading of liver spots.

Prevent sunspots with sunscreen

Sun damage is a large cause of skin pigmentation. Therefore, it is sensible to engage in preventative practices. Ensure a sensible daily skin care regime, that includes sunscreen and wearing a hat.

Topical remedies

There are a range of cost-effective home remedies that can help to fade age and liver spots.

Castor oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries as a skin tonic and cure-all. It is an anti-inflamatory and has been used to treat sunburn and acne. It has also been used to fade pigmentation on the skin.

It can be applied directly to skin spots to help remove darker pigmentation. For best results apply castor oil to the affected area twice daily. It may take around 6 - 8 weeks to see any results, but the spots should eventually start to fade.

Please note, pregnant women should only use castor oil on medical advice, as it is known to assist in the induction of labour.


Lemons provide another cheap home remedy to get rid of liver spots. Apparently it's the citric acid in the fruit that helps to fade the spots. Some people say that this remedy is very effective. The idea is to apply the lemon juice neat to the area at least twice a day. I have read other reports that say say that lemon was not effective. However, be aware that lemon also has an astringent, or drying effect on the skin.

Apple cider vinegar

Similar to the action of the lemon, the vinegar is supposed to fade the pigmentation. As with all these home remedies, the apple cider vinegar needs to be applied to the skin twice daily and it will take approximately 4 - 6 weeks before they show an effect.


Onion juice, or a slice of onion rubbed on the face is also supposed to be effective in removing skin pigmentation. But the idea of rubbing a smelly onion on the skin may not really appeal. Onion can be grated and applied fresh on the face. It needs to be applied twice daily. However, as the preparation does require some effort, people may prefer to use some of the less labour-intensive remedies listed on this page.

Commercial creams

Creams that promise to fade skin pigmentation are also available commercially.

Books about skin care


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