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The Mane Event: Straight Long Hair Accesories

Updated on October 31, 2013
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Sleek PonytailCheerleader PonytailRumpled Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail
Sleek Ponytail | Source
Cheerleader Ponytail
Cheerleader Ponytail
Rumpled Ponytail
Rumpled Ponytail
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pouf (hairpinned)loose bunpoufheadband
pouf (hairpinned)
pouf (hairpinned)
loose bun
loose bun

Straight Long Hair : It's all about the accessories

Can't figure how to fix you straight long hair at school, work, etc? No prob! With these easy styles, you'll look fab and put together in no time.

1) A pretty pony tail ~ If you're meeting up with your crush after school or heading to an interaction, a playful ponytail is just the thing for straight long hair, that'll catch his attetnion.

  • Step 1: Brush strands into a high ponytail and finger comb some mouse to the ends.
  • Step 2: Take ends of your hairs and wrap two-inch sections around a curling iron. Roll the barrel upwards and outwards to get the cute flip at the end.
  • You could also put some barrettes with jewel in your ponytail...

Note: You could always wear ponytails in different ways such as sleek ponytail, cute pony tail, side pony tail, dramatic ponytail, cheerleader ponytails, etc...

Here are some mays of how to do some of the different styles of ponytails:

  • Sleek Ponytail: Dry your hair, with a brush, and part your hair slightly off the center. Don't fasten the tail of your hair too tight so that it can sit slightly below the middle of the back of your head. If you have fly aways, you can use a hairspray on your hairline...I recommend L'Oreal Professionel Elnett Satin...
  • Cheerleader Ponytail (Super - High): Blow dry your hair using a mousse or spray for volume, then pull your hair high on top of head (above your eyes). The sleeker your hair, the better. Brush out any bumps that appear. Then secure it with a thick elastic band. If you want more bounce, tease the hair right at the elastic. Skip the bow, but spray your hair with hairspray.
  • Rumpled Ponytail: You can use this style with a messy look or unwashed hair. Spray your hair roots to get a messy look, and then blow dry your hair with your hand instead of using a brush. As your hair gets dry, scrunch. To get the fullness you desire, secure 4 to 5 pins just above the elastic band, so that you can get a fuller look. Scrunch the tail once the pins and elastic are in place.

2) A loose bun ~ If you're sweating up a storm in the classroom, pull strands back into a disheveled bun to feel refreshed and get your hair out of the way ASAP.

  • Step 1: Tie your hair into a low ponytail using a cloth elastic.
  • Step 2: Tightly twist the ponytail, starting from your nape until your reach the ends.
  • Step 3: Wrap the twisted section around the base of your ponytail. Secure the ends with a pretty clip.

3) A cute pouf (hairpins) ~ You could always ditch the usual headband. Instead keep annoying bangs away from your face with this sweet 'do. Coif bonus: It'll lessen the breakouts on your forehead too.

  • Step 1: Gather your bangs from your temple and mist it with hairspray.
  • Step 2: Slightly tease this section with a fine-tooth comb to create a pouf. Comb back strands to smoothen your 'do.
  • Step 3: Finish by securing strands with hairpins in the shape of an X.

4.) Headbands: Sturdy bands will be necessary for maximum hold, for long hair and thick hairstyles. There are different styles and colors of headbands that could give style to your hair...


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