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Clear Nail Polish as The Secret Sealant:

Updated on March 24, 2011

The Many Wonders of Nail Polish

Ever think about all the wonderful things that you can do with a bottle of nail polish! Personally I love having my nails manicured and polished. Depending on the season I like to change the colors that I wear . .Mostly I wear pinks and reds but sometimes especially during the summer I love to have a French Manicure. And of course my toes have to match the nail polish color I have on my hands.

But I bet many of you did not realize that there are so many other things you can use your nail polish for, in and around the house . .to gauge things, to repair things. .. mend a fraying edge . . the list goes on and on.

Maybe there is a color in your collection that you no longer like or the polish is clumpy making it impossible for it to go on your nails smoothly, so instead of tossing the bottle away here are some of the ways that have come up with to use the polish as a sealant. Sometimes depending on the task at hand you many need to use some clear polish but most of these wonders you can use any old color!

An Ounze of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Nail polishes in your Sewing Kit

Prevent Losing Buttons from Clothing

Just put a dab of polish on the thread of your buttons and amazingly the thread will never fray or come loose.

Prevent Fabrics and Ribbons from Fraying

Have you ever had a ribbon that just seemed to come apart, thread by thread? Or maybe you need to tame that wisp from hanging from the bottom of your skirt . .all you need to do is brush the fraying strays into place with you nail polish. Do the same with the ends of a ribbon and they will never unravel. Even after I hem something I add a little polish to the last stitch (ok granted I am not a great sewer so this one really comes in handy for me)

Tips To Storing Nail Polish

Never shake a bottle of nail polish for this can cause bubbles. Always roll the bottle in between your palms.

Find a little container and put your nail polished in the refrigerator. This will keep them fresh and easy yo use.

Always wipe the threads of the bottle and the cap with a little polish remover before closing them. This will prevent the cap from sealing itself from the bottle.

Some More Prevention Tips

Smudge Proof Important Drug Labels with Nail Polish

Here is a great tip to preserve important information on bottle of medicine. Just brush a coat of clear nail polish on the label and you will never smudge the label when you grab that glass of water.

Metal Containers and Rust Rings

Ever place something in your medicine cabinet only to find an ugly rust ring under the product. Here is a way to rid those hard to get rid of circles. Brush your nail polish around the bottom of the deordorant or shaving cream and you will never find a stain again.

Waterproof Address Labels - with the Secret Sealant

If you have ever mailed something in the rain you will love this one. Just brush some clear or even sheer nail polish on the address and smear no more!

Keep Laces from Unraveling

Dip the ends of the lace in clear nail polish and twist the fraying and raveled ends together. Do this in the evening so by the morning they will be dry.

Get rid of a wart

Cover the wart with clear nail polish. Not only will the wart get smaller but it should be gone in a week!

Around the House Nail Polish is a Handy way to:

Mark all sorts of things. . .

Sealing an envelope

Brush the nail polish on the underside of the flap, seal it and it wont even open over a teakettle. Or you can add some flair to your envelope by brushing your initials in a pretty color polish over the sealed flap . .kinda a new age way to create sealing wax:)

Find your measuring cup markings faster with Colorful Nail Polish

If you are like me and tend to do things fast here is a great tip for 'measuring on the fly', use a very visible color of nail polish to trace over the basic measurement levels on your measuring cup.

Nail Polish to Mark your temperature setting in the shower

Turn the shower on select your ideal setting and then turn off the flow to the shower and mark it with a bright color. You will never have to fiddle with the water temperature again!

It is also great for small repairs

Mend a fingernail

ever get a split in your nail? Grab an unused tea bag, empty the tea out and cut a piece of the bag into the shape of your nail and then cover it with clear nail polish. Press it onto the nail and file it a bit. Cover it with your favorite color polish and your are good to go . .and the break will grow out:)

Smooth wood hangers

ever get a few splinters of nicks in your wooden hangers, try dabbing a little nail polish over the rough edges to keep the hanger smooth.

Tighten loose screws

sometimes pull screws in drawers and cabinets constantly get loose. Stop this from happening by putting a little nail polish on the screw threads, insert the screw and let it dry.

Stop a run in your panty hose

just dab some clear polish on the run that is about to take over your leg . .make sure you dab both ends of the run. Not only does this stop runs but it will last through many laundering s.


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