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DIY Matte Nail Polish

Updated on August 24, 2016
DIY Matte Nail Polish
DIY Matte Nail Polish | Source

Matte Nail Polish ~

Did you know there was such a thing? The idea of matte nail polish may not be everyone’s choice but it does throw up great interesting options.

If you love the idea of pops of neon color but need it toned down for the office or college, matte polish will give you that versatility. Sometimes the shiny, glossy look is too much or too distracting. Maybe we feel too mature to wear certain shades. Matt gives you the best of both worlds; the color but in a less obvious way.

When this idea hit the fashion trends it was instantly the buzz word on all fashionista’s lips and then their nails sported the latest craze.

Videos went viral and it has been played with and incorporated into fabulous nail art designs. From Channel to L’Oreal, matte nails are big business for these cosmetic houses and the sales back this up. The biggest trend around that you can easily recreate.

Funk it Up With Nail Art

pretty in pink
pretty in pink | Source

Versatile Nail Polish

now you can leave your nails with a shimmer, gloss or matte
now you can leave your nails with a shimmer, gloss or matte | Source

DIY Trendy Talons at Your Fingertips ~

Maybe you are not into nail polish or stick to a French manicure.

If you have young teenagers, nieces or grandchildren I guarantee you they will love the idea or at least want to try it.

These simple ideas are such cool ways of achieving the matte look easily with no extra cost as you have what you need in the kitchen or your make-up.

I love trying different ways of cutting down on spending by making my own DIY versions and when I heard of these ideas well, they had to put to the Suzie test .

As a Beauty Therapist and Freelance Make-Up Artist, painting nails was something I did daily on clients, family, friends and on yours truly so when matte became the new texture, I was intrigued and excited.

Remember, these simple solutions were here long before the commercial pots of mattified nail polishes and top coats!

Water is All You Need

matte look in a minute
matte look in a minute | Source

Painting Nails

steam immediately after painted
steam immediately after painted | Source

Tone Down, Steam Up ~

This easy matte look won’t cost you a cent and if you are into multi-tasking then this is for you! I love it so simple but the steam really does matte regular nail polish.


  • If you are boiling water for any reason such as pasta, boiled egg or even soup then steam your nails too! You have to steam your nail polished hands while they are still wet.
  • Apply basecoat first.
  • Apply regular nail polish and immediately place your hands over the steaming saucepan taking care not to burn them.
  • I find bending the fingers at the knuckles (as if you were scratching something) works best so the fingernails are directly over the steam.
  • Before you know it your nail polish will have turned matte.
  • If you put regular top coat on now it brings it back to shine.
  • For a funky look do the tips in top coat for that matte and shine combo.
  • Check the video out of Michelle’s easy steam method while she makes dinner!

Matte Nails Using Steam

Corn Starch Remedy ~

I love this one, is there ANYTHING corn starch (also known as corn flour) does not do?

Perfect if you are not in range of a stove or want to do your nails elsewhere. You can use this one of two ways. Do your nail polish or do your top coat, it works both ways.

Don't forget to clean your applicator brush afterwards before putting it back into your bottle.


Matte Nail Polish -

  • Apply your basecoat.
  • Add some of your nail polish to a mixing container such as an old lid off a jar.
  • Using a cocktail stick or disposable spatula, start to add corn starch, about 2-3 teaspoons, and mixing well.
  • When mixed, apply immediately over nails.
  • The consistency is a little heavier and takes a little bit of adjustment so make sure you apply evenly.
  • As it dries you will it dry to a matte finish.
  • Check out the video tutorial on this method which includes the two tone effect!
  • Well worth watching

Matte Topcoat -

  • If you want a matte top coat, use the same method.
  • Apply over regular polish to turn it matte or use over a matte nail polish.

Turning Your Nail Polish Into a Matte Finish With Corn Starch - 1 million hits!

Eyeshadow or Nail Polish?

utilize unused or a favorite shadow
utilize unused or a favorite shadow | Source

Eyeshadow Color ~

The third idea is a creative one to make your own color combos or to match your nails to eye make-up.

Use broken powder eyeshadows, colors you do not wear or scrape a little of your favorite eyeshadow shade or mix a few together. Remember to clean your top coat brush completely before placing it back into the bottle.


  • For this one you need to have a clear or white nail polish and some powder eyeshadow.
  • Crush some eyeshadow to a fine powder with the back of a teaspoon or disposable spatula.
  • Blend it into the nail polish and mix well. The more eyeshadow you add, the stronger the pigment will be.
  • Apply basecoat.
  • Apply over the nails and voila, your own unique matte nail polish.

DIY With Corn Starch then Eyeshadow

Food for Thought . . .

Turning your own polish into a matte finish is so easily done and a bit of fun too. With three different options available you can try them out and if you don't like it just pop a clear top coat on to bring it back, simple!

"Creating health awareness through homemade beauty solutions"

Author Info ~

Information on the author, her bio and full body of works available @ Suzie HQ

Credit to sharkye11 ~

© 2013 Suzanne Ridgeway


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