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The Star Tattoo

Updated on June 6, 2013

Have you been trying to decide what type of tattoo to get and where you should get it? If so, why not consider a simple star tattoo? The star tattoo is a great way to make a statement without going overboard and covering your entire body. A star tattoo can also come in a variety of designs so you can be as simple or as complex as you want to when getting a star tattoo.

The Nautical Star Tattoo

One of the more popular star tattoos is the nautical star tattoo. This is popular among sailors and most people believe that sailors were the first ones to get the nautical star tattoo. Since the word “nautical” relates to sailing, it just makes sense. Sailors tended to be superstitious and some of them can still be that way. The nautical star tattoo came about because sailors once had to navigate their journeys by the north star before they had all the fancy equipment that they have today. The north star represented finding your way home after a long journey on the waters because once a sailor could locate the north star, they got their bearings and they could figure out which way to go from there.

As a result, sailors began tattooing the nautical star tattoo. Many of them got them on their biceps and others got the star tattoo put on their forearm. Since those days, the nautical star tattoo has come to symbolize finding your path in life or reaching your potential. Because of this, it has become one of the most popular star tattoos around. The punk rock music movement has also adopted the star tattoo as one of their symbols. The genre’s history goes back to Sailor Jerry, one of the most famous tattooists in history. Punk rockers are known for promoting individuality and finding one’s way in life rather than following someone else or doing what others tell you to do. You will see many punk rock artists incorporate the nautical star tattoo into their larger tattoos, too.

Star Tattoo on a wrist.
Star Tattoo on a wrist.

Points Mean Something on a Star Tattoo

You can get a simple star tattoo with different numbers of points, but you should know that the number of points you choose has a meaning attached to the star tattoo. A four-pointed star tattoo, for instance, is associated with some Native American tribes. Many Native Americans get the four-pointed star tattoo to display their pride in their tribe and their heritage.

A five-pointed star tattoo is one of the most popular ones around and its meaning is a little more complicated. This is probably because most people think of five points when they think of a star, but there are various designs which include five points. For instance, the pentagram has five points. Depending on how it is drawn, it could be a satanic symbol or it could be something as innocent as the stars on the American flag. If it is just the outline of a five-pointed star, it is often referred to as the pentacle and this represents the pagan symbol for witchcraft, divine knowledge and finding out the secrets to life. When the pentacle is flipped upside down, it represents the dark side and satanic ritualism.

A six-pointed star tattoo resembles a hexagram. This type of star has been around for thousands of years and it refers to magic or Star of Remphan, a pagan god. Today, however, the six-pointed star represents the Star of David, which you see on the flag of Israel and other places related to Judaism. At the end of the 17th century, this star was adopted as the official seal of the Jewish community. However, you probably won’t see too many orthodox Jewish people with the six-pointed star tattoo on their body because it is against their beliefs to mark their bodies that way.

Finally, the seven-pointed star has several meanings. This star tattoo is one of the most unique because most people never think of a seven-pointed star. For one thing, it is the symbol of the perfected man. When it is placed inside a square, it represents being finite. And when two circles are placed in the center of the seven-pointed star, it represents the sun and the center of the universe. This star, or septagram, has also come to be known as a symbol of elves, fairies and magic. You may recognize it as the badge that many police officers wear, too.

Do you see why it is so important to know what you are getting when choose a star tattoo? Before reading this, you might have chosen the satanic star tattoo rather than the one that represents your Native American pride. Or you may have meant to get one that represents the perfected man and chosen the Star of David instead. This just goes to show that doing your research before putting something permanent on your body is extremely important.


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    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 6 years ago from Georgia

      This is such a great informative hub... thanks for sharing.

    • butterfly Tattoo profile image

      butterfly Tattoo 7 years ago from Dallas Texas

      You have so many options with star tattoo,s .With proper placement, thay are one of the sexiest tattoo.s

    • profile image

      star tattoo lover 7 years ago

      I love star tattoo. I have a star tattoos on my back, ankle, shoulder and between my chest. Your post is right their are so many trendy star tattoos out their, just use our imagination to mixed up and make a beautiful outcome.