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The Top Five Places to Buy Cheap Women's Flare Leg or Bell Bottom Jeans and Pants for Spring 2011

Updated on February 24, 2011

Spring Fever Means New Fashions

Anyone else except me just boiling over with Spring fever? To say the least, I have been getting antsy. The soft sway of the wind through the trees and warm spring air grabs my attention more than I wish to admit. Soon will be the days of water bottles and cycling, swimming and tanning- all over again.  When it comes to fashion; however, every year brings surprises. To say that I have dipped my hands in all of the latest crazes would be a lie.

But, but but... bell bottoms and flare bottom jeans? As a spring 2011 fashion trend, this is gift to me. You see, I never threw out my once popular bell bottoms from earlier springs. What can I say? I just knew something would bring them back.  While the rest of the world slacked and gimped on fashion, I wore my bell bottoms and flare legged jeans through it all... and now... now you want to do a come back? Great, I'm ready!  Unfortunately, some of you may not be so ready- that is unless of course, your ankles are as claustrophobic as mine.

However, the latest rendition of the hottest bell bottoms and flare bottom jeans are not the average run of the mill low cut design. What? You didn't think they would make a fabulous come back without a twist, did you?

The hottest jean and pant design for spring of 2011 is the high rise  bell bottom jeans/pants and the high rise flare bottom pants.  High rise? Yes, high rise. That cute little term translates into what I like to call the "Erkel" version of bell bottom jeans and flare pants. High rise jeans cover up the brunt of your stomach, making showing off that svelte flat stomach next to impossible. To make matters worse, most high rise bell bottom or flare legged jeans/pants can come with a hefty price tag.

I have sought out the five cheapest ( and cutest) high rise pants available for purchase now. Enjoy.

Radcliffe Jeans at an exceptionally low price
Radcliffe Jeans at an exceptionally low price | Source

6 PM

If you haven't checked out ( or heard of Radcliffe), now may be the time to do so. This trendy little clothing line is hosted online by a company called 6 pm.

The high rise flare jeans in this photo has an MSRP of almost $200.00; however the discount website listed above sells them for a mere 20.00. They may be missing most of the bells and whistles of the trendier flare bottom jeans or high rise flare bottom pants and bell bottoms, but for the price listed, that shouldn't be an issue.

Next Direct

Nextdirect is a must click website if you are looking for high waist flare jeans or bell bottoms. They offer a wide variety of exactly what you are want, at extremely reasonable prices starting at $30.00 and trending upwards from there.

The Gap

"The Gap" is a clothing line that many times comes with a hefty price tag. However, when it comes to their fashionable high waist flare and bell bottoms, their prices are quite reasonable. To give perk to the price you may pay, their jeans are also cute. I wouldn't skip browsing the Gap, as they are surely within the top five cheapest places to get your hands on your own pair of high waist jeans.



If you haven't checked out for great prices on high rise jeans, now may be the time to. Alloy offers several types of jeans, but their truck jeans stretch are an awesome pair of trendy high rise jeans. Starting at around $45.00 for a pair of high waist jeans, they won't kill your pocket book. The featured jeans are spandex and cotton, and us women all know what spandex in our jeans means: we can gain a few or lose a few, and those jeans will still fit us.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters offers a neat pair of high waist spring trend flare bottoms at an affordable price. For $40.00, you can have a 100 percent cotton pair of high rise jeans that zipper in the back. These Ecote High-Waisted Carly Jean in Vintage Denim  are exclusive to Urban Outfitters, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Being Trendy Shouldn't Mean Going Broke

So there you have it- the cutest, best and fashionable high waist jeans or bell bottoms at exceptionally low prices. Shopping online is one of the best ways to find great deals on trendy new clothes and it doesn't have to break the wallet. Since bell bottoms and high waist jeans are only a part of the Spring 2011 fashion craze, you'll need left over cash to spend on other items, right? Right.


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