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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Fashion Style On a Budget

Updated on October 21, 2013
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment
Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Don’t be surprised if you hear the teenagers (and even grown women) screaming, scampering, even swooning and all agog about. Ask them what is it that’s getting them all tizzy with anticipation and have all their attention and definitely you will hear about Edward, Bella and Jacob, vampires and werewolves, Twilight, New Moon and the latest in the Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga or Twilight series, Eclipse. That is if you do get to understand them amidst all the screaming or the tears. When I started hearing my niece screech, squeal and shriek every 5 seconds I wondered what it was all about. Then I saw her mooning over Robert Pattinson in his usual V-neck T-shirt that fits over his sexy body. Yes, that’s how she describes him especially when she’s almost swooning over his posters. Anyway, it got me interested enough to read the book by Stephanie Meyer and was surprised it was not just 1 book but several in a series, what is now called the Twilight series. The first book got me hooked and so read the whole series and found the first and the last of the series more fascinating than the others.

And so I also watched the movie Twilight and she introduced me to all the characters and the actors playing the character. It was easy for her because she even knew some of the lines; evidently she has watched it over and over again to be able to do that. One thing I noticed about is what these characters wore in the movie. R-Pattz, as Robert Pattinson is lovingly called by fans, always wears a body fit Tshirt and sometimes just adds a checkered long sleeve polo shirt with sleeves rolled a little or a motorcycle jacket over it. Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, is often seen shirtless because he plays a werewolf but when he clothed he is always seen in a fit crewneck shirt in dark colors such as black. Considering that the Forks' weather is a little on the cold side only those in the know would understand why these two are just in t-shirts and this is because they are different from humans. Unfortunately Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, doesn’t have the same affinity to the cold and always has a jacket on or a hoodie. One style that can also be seen especially with the guys is the layering. In one family meeting, the Cullens are seen wearing long sleeve shirts over their dress shirts except Edward who is wearing a hooded sweater

The 3rd movie of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits movie theaters on its global premier Wednesday June 30. Twilights fans are expected to storm theaters and lineup in order to experience it all again. American twi-hards fans from kids, teenagers, young women to moms are also waiting for the theaters to open. Australian twi-hards have been lining up for the past 3 days and have even set up tents so they can wait for the opening. The movie is already popular as it is but in order to promote the movie or maybe some entrepreneur has capitalized on the fame of the series and has come up with promotional materials in different packages. There are now so many Twilights tees in the market nowadays and die hard fanatics are willing enough to spend their money to buy these shirts designed with Edward and Bella or even the love triangle. If these twilight fanatics, whether Team Edward of Team Jacob, want follow the fashion style of their idol without breaking their pockets they can wear a simple t-shirt which can be paired with any blue jeans. There are so many different styles of t-shirts available out there and it just has to be accessorized, dressed up or down depending on the event. There are also imprintable or wholesale blank shirts which anyone can design ala-Eclipse for those who want to put their own stamp on it or maybe make money of it, too.

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      11 years ago

      Twilight Saga featuring the Eclipse fashion seems to be a futuristic trend. When the clothing dress on Robert Pattinson, the look and feel would be different, even he wears a simple tee. I've not watched the movie yet, but from the trailer, this episode will have more sexy scenes and thriller than the precessor.


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