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Tinkerbell Tutus | Amanda Holden Makes A Stand

Updated on July 21, 2010

It's a little bit tragic that the Sex and the City franchise is able to spawn anything more than dire groans from sentient human beings, but I'll overlook the tawdry awfulness of the whole shebang in order to praise it for an innovation that sprang out of the premiere in which one British pioneer by the name of Amanda Holden took the opportunity to wear a frilly pink tutu, setting off the 'tutu' alarm bells that are triggered in our collective psyche whenever a female over the age of 10 dares wear sticky outy frilly garments.

Fashion follows arbitrary rules, but it does so with the rabid doggedness of a religious extremist. In general, men do not wear dresses and fully grown women do not wear tutus. The fact that there exists a cadre of fashion renegades who like to wear tutus in both the XX and XY camps seems not to matter to fashion commentators, whose only role appears to be promoting fashion sales whilst making anyone who didn't buy new clothes this year feel like failures as human beings.

I, for one, would not wear a tutu. But that is because I have been resisting skirt wearing ever since I was 5 years old. I see no reason why women of any age, and indeed, men, if it should take their fancy, should not wear tutus.

According to Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director for the Telegraph, tutus are occasionally acceptable, a long as you go all derelicte with them: “Fashion’s Good Fairy, however, is much more sensible - and stylish. She sees the tutu as simply a fun version of the ra-ra skirt, best worn with leggings, tough boots or gladiators, and pastel-toned, sloppy-joe sweaters.”

In other words, a tutu is okay as long as you match it with diametrically opposed fashion statements to create a look of lackadaisical discord.

I don't know. I think Amanda Holden looked delightful in her outfit, which had a clear purpose and achieved it. I can't help but think that had she worn combat boots and a sloppy joe sweater over her red carpet tutu that the effect would have been a litle too 'Mental Institution Dress Ups' for the world at large to handle.

Are tutus in right now? Tutus are always in. Unfortunately, so too are sneering fashionastas with little other to do with their time than turn up their noses at anything that doesn't have a gritty hipster vibe.


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