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Tips on Getting Home Based Manicure and Pedicure

Updated on January 30, 2015

Getting a perfect groomed look is something everyone yearns for. Today, both men and women spend extra efforts in taking care of themselves, so that they look good. This includes well groomed and perfect looking hands and feet too. Many of us spend hours and hundreds of dollars in getting the manicure and pedicure at parlors and spas. So, wouldn't it be nice, if we can find the solution to our problems in our own kitchen shelves? Thats true, now looking perfect, may just need a bit of your time and energy, and you can achieve that amazing look by simply following certain easy to do tips that don't require much efforts too.

Below are certain home based herbal tips to groom your hands and feet and make them look the way you want:


Tip to get the Home Based Pedicure:

Take 3/4th cup of curd. Add a couple of drops of vinegar into it and apply the mixture properly on your feet, toes, fingers, nails, ankles and heels. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water. This will help in removing dead tissues, making your skin softer. 

Effective way to remove the nail polish:

Take as many cotton balls as needed and soak them well with nail polish remover. Instead of scrubbing your nails with these cotton balls, keep the soaked cotton ball over your nails for some time. If your nail polish remover is good, then you'd be able to see the nail polish dissolving on its own, showcasing your nail's true color.

Ensure that you don't use too much of nail polish remover, and try to avoid getting your cuticles coated with the remover. Nail polish remover has a tendency to dry quite fast and might make your cuticles dry and brittle.

Tips to heal the cracked heels:

  • Take 6 aspirin tablets and crush them in half cup of warm water. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Apply this coat on the hardened tissues on the soles of your feet. This will work a great deal in softening them.
  • After applying the mixture, wrap your feet with a towel for a while so that the mixture gets soaked in thoroughly. Take a scrub or pumice stone to rub the dead tissues on your feet's sole. Continue this activity for a couple of days. Slowly you'll find it easy to remove the calluses and get rid of them.
  • Another tip is to take an onion, roast it and prepare a paste out of it. Apply it on the cracks of your feet. You'll find the difference within a month.
  • After taking shower, take some mustard oil (it may stink bad for a while and can be thick and sticky too), apply the oil on your feet and massage it well for five minutes. After that, wash your feet again with water. Doing this daily will keep your feet soft and supple. 

Tips to exfoliate and moisturizer your hands and feet:

Use plain crystalized sugar and lemon juice to make a home-made scrub. Massage the scrub on your feet and arms. After a few minutes massage, wash your hands, and use a pumice stone to clean your heels. This will make your heels smooth and remove all dead skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Apply a good hand cream on your hands, and a nice body butter on your feet. If you have cracked heels, then apply a specific heel cream, and let it get absorbed completely before moving around.


Tips to get the home based manicure and softer hands

  • Take a bowl of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of corn starch to it. Soak your hands in the bowl daily for five minutes. This treatment will help in softening your hands. Also, whenever going to do any work that requires you to put your fingers in water or dirt for a longer time, apply good amount of petroleum jelly to your nails. This will help in easily removing all the dirt from your nails, apart from preventing your nails from getting any damage.

In addition to above tips, I'd suggest you to regularly use a good body scrub, to get rid of the dead cells. This will always facilitate you in getting that glowing and healthy skin. Always file and keep your nails polished. Believe me, they do make a great impact!  Nevertheless, a proper diet and good sleep is an absolute must for better and more effective results. So, keep healthy and stay beautiful!

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