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Curly Hair, Dry Hair, Frizzy Hair Tips and Help

Updated on February 10, 2016

Fight Frizz and Tame your Curls - Tips and Home Remedies for Curly Hair, Dry Hair, and Frizzy Hair

Fight Frizz and Tame your Curls
Fight Frizz and Tame your Curls

Shining, healthy locks and luscious curls gives anyone an extra edge to their personality; but all too often these curls become frizzy, dry, look dead and are hard to manage. People with curly hair, like me, get frusterated, annoyed and sometimes overwhelmed trying to tame these locks. I have recently learned about the use of natural beauty ingredients to treat my hair. There are many different products and ingredients out their that are easy to use and don't take much time. Not only you can manage your curls but you can also make them attractive soft and easier to manage.

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Curly hair individuals are more prone to dryness, frizz, tangling and damage than people with straight hair. People with extremely curly or permed hair are usually not happy with the results, mostly due to the overwhelming amount of work it takes to keep their permed hair or naturally curly hair under control. There are some basic things you can do to help this problem, an easy, simple thing that can help tremendously is the way you dry your hair, never dry your hair vigorously with a towel after bathing, always pat dry curly hair. This is important, the rubbing and friction makes your hair frizz and tangle. One the same note, try not to comb your hair when its completely dry, you can simply spray it with a spray bottle of water (add a little leave in conditioner to this) and then comb or brush your hair.

In addition to these another important thing to remember is to use good shampoo and conditioner. Products such as Garnier, Pantene, and Herbal Essence aren't good for you hair in any fashion. In all reality, many, if not all, of the products found on the drug store shelves are really bad for your hair. When using these products over time it can actually change your hair's structure, make it thin out, or change the texture.

If you are concerned with the price of the expensive salon brands, like I was, there is a better alternative. I have recently started using Generic Value Brand Products. These are made to mimic the pricier salon brands, but boasts a much better more reasonable price. I currently use Generic Value Brand made to mimic Paul Mitchell Products. They work well, but you will suffer if you really enjoy the variety of beautiful scents offered from drug store brands. For me this is a down side, but the value my hair gets from using better products is completely worth it. Oh, another tip - I couldn't find GVP products at a store near me, so I went online and got them shipped to me - also at a reasonable price.

These are just a few of the simple things you can do to maintain luscious locks, that for the most part will not change your normal routine. In addition, there are certain natural organic ingredients that are beneficial for curly hair when used in certain ways; a brief account of them is given below.

I have also added some great products that are natural and/or organic to help manage your locks and make your hair naturally beautiful.

Olive Oil is wonderful for hair - and most people already have it in their kitchens!
Olive Oil is wonderful for hair - and most people already have it in their kitchens!

Helpful ingredients

Olive Oil - Olive oil is wonderful for your hair, it can help fight frizz, as well as help dry locks. To use Olive Oil put a dab in your palms and rub throughout your hair. You can do this when its wet a little easier. Be sure not to rub the oil into your scalp (unless you have dry scalp also, Olive Oil can help with that as well). Also make sure you don't use too much, a dab will do just fine to help fight frizz! Olive oil is commonly found in your local grocery store, be sure to use virgin olive oil as it is a little higher grade. Also if you want an olive oil made especially for soapmaking and hair care you can check the links below.

Grade A Olive Oil
From Nature With Love
Weight: 32 oz.
Price: $27.50

Olive Oil (Pomace)
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 1 gallon
Price: $30.60

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Certified Organic)
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 1 gallon
Price: $40.50

Castor Oil helps to moisturize dry and damaged hair.
Castor Oil helps to moisturize dry and damaged hair.

Castor Oil - Castor Oil is also greatly beneficial for taming frizzy hair. You can apply castor oil to your hair just as I described above for olive oil. A great additional benefit of using castor oil is its ability to help with hair loss. Below are some places where you can buy Castor Oil.

Castor Oil
From Nature With Love
Weight: 32 oz.
Price: $15.00

Castor Oil
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 1 gallon
Price: $24.30

Helpful tip about Coconut Oil: it can be a liquid or a solid depending on its temperature.
Helpful tip about Coconut Oil: it can be a liquid or a solid depending on its temperature.

Fractionated Coconut Oil
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 16 oz.
Price: $9.40

Coconut Oil Certified Organic
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 1 gallon
Price: $18.40

Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil is incredibly beneficial to hair. It helps to reduce the loss of protein to your hair, as well as helping to lock in your hairs natural moisture. These two things alone make coconut oil one of the best products to use for damaged and frizzy hair. To use coconut oil as a frizz reducer coat hair and let sit for 30 minutes - 2 hours. Rinse off with a mild shampoo and then condition lightly.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
From Nature With Love
Weight: 8 oz.
Price: $14.50
*Multiple sizes available

Organic Coconut Oil
From Nature With Love
Weight: 8 oz.
Price: $10.00
*Multiple sizes available

Virgin Coconut Oil Certified Organic
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 15 oz.
Price: $12.05
*Multiple sizes available

Shea Butter - in its natural state. Shea Butter is excellent for both your hair and your skin.
Shea Butter - in its natural state. Shea Butter is excellent for both your hair and your skin.

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Shea Butter - Shea Butter is used just as any of the above oils would. It will help fight your frizzy hair, lock in moisture and WON'T leave your hair greasy or weighed down. Just melt a small dab of shea butter between your palms and rub throughout hair. Careful not to use too much.

Shea Butter Crushed and Refined
From Nature With Love
Weight: 16 oz.
Price: $16.00
*Multiple sizes available

Organic Shea Butter Crushed and Refined
From Nature With Love
Weight: 16 oz.
Price: $19.20
*Multiple sizes available

Shea Butter Certified Organic
Essential Wholesale
Weight: 1 lb.
Price: $19.00
*Multiple sizes available

Home Remedies

Egg Yolk is great for treating the hair, below are a few great, simple, and easy recipe you can do tonight! The latter recipe also calls for mayonnaise, which has wonderful properties for restoring dry, dull, or lifeless hair.

  • Take an egg and separate the egg white and egg yolk. Now whip the egg yolk to an extent that it forms firm peaks, add 2 tablespoons of water in egg yolk and beat well. Now mix both yolk and white together. With soft hands, apply this to the scalp outwards in the curls. Leave for 30 minutes, wear a shower cap meanwhile. Now wash thoroughly until the egg is completely removed. You can use mild organic shampoo afterwards.
  • Mix together an egg yolk with 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix well and apply it on the hair. Work slowly through your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes. Keep your head wrapped, so the mixture won’t dry out. Wash hair thoroughly (try to be gentle with curly hair). Comb through hair and let it dry naturally.

This next treatment is wonderful for a daily blend that you can easily and quickly apply at home. It takes the benefits of Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut, and Olive Oil - all of which do wonders for your hair. Avocado Oil, and Jojoba Oil can help repair damage to the hair, along with reviving shine and reducing frizz. Coconut Oil is excellent for shine as well.

  • Every night before going to bed, massage lightly with natural and organic oils. Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil are the preferred choices for de frizzing your hair. Wash hair in morning and the whole day you don’t have to look after your curls.

This last remedy calls for Aloe. Aloe is an amazing ingredient, and helps with so many things. For hair, Aloe can help stimulate hair growth, as well helping to create strong, smooth, shiny, and thick hair.

  • Take some aloe vera leaves and extract the gel from them. Now mash the gel lightly and start applying the gel from curl to curl. This can be time consuming but it gives smooth, shiny, full of life curls. After completely applied, leave it for 10-20 minutes and then rinse with water. No need to shampoo afterwards, you are ready to go!


Natural or Organic Products

There are plenty of natural and organic products available that contain one of more of these beneficial ingredients. Below are some good products I have found that help (if I want to splurge a little). These are great for my curly hair, and also helps cut back on the frizz.

Some great companies that you can check out are Apothica and Beautorium - both of these companies boast natural and/or organic products. Beautorium is wonderful. and carries a couple different natural and/or organic brands, so you shouldn't have any problem finding something that works for your hair, and carries the ingredients you have seen above. Apothica has a nice Softening Conditioner that works really well to tame the frizz.

Update as of 2/10/16: I recently picked up a bottle of Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Detangler, as I have been wearing my hair curly lately. This stuff is amazing for my baby fine hair. It isn't heavy, doesn't weigh down my hair, and leaves it really really soft. I also use it on my daughters amazingly long hair and it works wonders to get the tangles out and tame her mostly unruly, thick, long hair.I found my bottle at the Dollar store, go figure huh? But you can also purchase it on amazon if you wish to spend more than $1 (yeah right lol). But here is the amazon link if you want to look at the reviews. (Lusti Organics Olive Oil Hair Detangler)


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    • stajo82 profile image

      Stanley Green 4 years ago from Czech Republic

      Wow, so many useful tips... Many thanks for all of them. I've already read about home remedies using yolk you mentioned here. Anyway thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      nash085 6 years ago

      can the egg ,mayo and honey treatment be used everyday ? or does it have to be limited to 1-3 times a week ? Also does it have to be applied onto dry or wet hair ?

    • profile image

      christinaboo1  6 years ago

      does it work on african hair ???? cuz i've tried everything for nothing :(

    • profile image

      jojo94 6 years ago

      i have been using Coconut Oil and it's wonderful , because of it my hair is frizz-free and i love it =D

    • Surfraz profile image

      Surfraz 7 years ago from India

      shea butter sounds great and new definitely i will try this..

    • profile image

      Melissa White 7 years ago

      This is awesome; my hair is totally unruly, but not anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This remedy totally works!!!

      TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      hemustincrease 7 years ago

      Thanks! Going to make the effort to actually DO these treatments. My hair is crying out for some gloss and life. :)

    • profile image

      Amanie 7 years ago

      I have Olive Pomace Oil instead of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I want to know if it is okay to put it in my hair.


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