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Tissot Watch T825/925

Updated on June 4, 2012

Sapphire Crystal Watch for Women

Everybody needs a timepiece that is reliable in every situation. In my previous article about Swiss made watch, I wrote a review of Tissot T870/970 which is a type of watch for men. Today I am going to give a little review of a lady's watch Tissot T825/925. This is a sapphire crystal watch especially made by Tissot corporation for women. This beautiful golden watch is less than 30 grams. When I saw this watch for the first time, I did not know what sapphire crystal was. I had to make some research on the internet about this precious gemstone before I could explain how it works in improving our positive energy. From a number of articles that I read, sapphire crystal is believed to have healing power to those who wear it. No wonder the manufacturer of Tissot T825/925 clearly mention the name of the jewelry stone in this wrist watch. In addition, the wearer of this classic watch will always have positive attitude when facing challenges in her life or during her workdays. She will not easily give up on various obstacles that she faces at work. Because of these reasons, a lot of women who work in the middle up to managerial levels of big companies are believed to wear sapphire crystal watches.

Tissot Watch T825/925
Tissot Watch T825/925

Water resistant watch

There is also another interesting feature of this nice watch which attracts my attention. This Tissot T825/925 can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters. Although it is not a watch that is specifically made for scuba divers because it does not have diving timer, Tissot as the manufacturer of this watch wants to show to their customers that the time piece which they wear has very high quality. With their long watch making tradition since 1853, Tissot has created this watch whose quality is beyond their customers' expectation. If we visit the official website of Tissot, we can see that this watchmaker has a number of watches for scuba divers. So, if you are one of them, you can select the type of Tissot watch that is more suitable for the underwater sport.

Stainless Steel Base

Tissot T825/925 is made of stainless steel which ensures that the investment which the wearers of this watch make will be able to serve them for longer time. Stainless steel is a corrosive resistant metal which has been used in various industrial application. The use of this metal is common in classic and modern watches. Other materials that we will find in watches are plastic, ceramic and various kinds of crystals.  This small but beautiful watch for ladies should be taken into account when you are considering of buying a Christmas gift or birthday present for your loved one or for your own self.

Seiko Electronic Ink Watch for Women

The Tissot watch that I write its review here is a mechanical classic watch that emphasizes its design on the beauty of the glowing gold and sapphire crystal. If you are a woman who likes high tech or electronic watch, then you should consider Ink Watch that is manufactured by Seiko. The time display of such bracelet watch is highly contrasted with thinner body that looks more like a bracelet than a watch. One of the most remarkable features of the watch is that it is readable in very low light condition. Seiko has produced watches for women that look beautiful with low power consumption. Ink watch technology is a new thing for most of us. That's why Amazon as the largest online store has not offered ink watch from Seiko in its websites. But in the coming years, such watch will make significant market share in watch shops around the world. 

Tissot is Swiss Made

At the front side of the Tissot T825/925 watch, the manufacturer printed two words "Swiss Made." This simple phrase has been deliberately made to prove to the watch users that their watch is made in Switzerland, a small country in Europe that has been famous around the world for its watch making tradition. Although the watch market is now flooded with cheap watches manufactured in China and India and Indonesia, all watch users know that if they want to wear high quality watches that can pricisely indicate the time, they don't have many options except the Swiss Made Watches. by Charles Roring


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      9 years ago

      My husband was returning from Afghanistan, on his first stop( Dubai) he bought me a watch and it's the sapphyre crystal watch, omg I never wear watches but this one is sooo perfect/ can wear it with anything .. Ty for the perfect watch


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