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Digital Luggage Scale : Top 10 Best Travel Baggage Scales : Balanzza, iFits, Air Weigh, GSI, American Weigh

Updated on February 4, 2015

Luggage scales are ideal for those that wish to weigh and measure their bags before travel departure to avoid check-in issues.

Avoid expensive surprises by weighing your luggage before you get to the airport thus negating the chance of being charged excess baggage fees. .

One trip may well show savings in excess baggage charges that cover the cost of any of the digital luggage scales shown.

Luggage scales allow you to avoid the inconvenience of opening your suitcase at the airport and transferring items between suitcases and hand baggage.

The top ten best value luggage scales are:

  1. Air Weigh Portable Digital Luggage Scale
  2. Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale (1)

  3. Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale (2)

  4. iFits Digital Luggage Scale

  5. GSI Electronic Digital Portable Travel Luggage & Postal Scale

  6. Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale (3)

  7. Digital Luggage Scale

  8. American Weigh Digital Luggage Scale

  9. Balanzza Mini Digital Scale

  10. Balanzza BZ300

Weighs up to 75 pounds in increments from 0.2 lb. It is compact but with a large display, accurate and easily stored.

This is the best selling luggage scale at Amazon and the reviews are 90% positive so very little to complain about.

Just lift, wait for the beep, and read the weight. This luggage scale freezes the highest weight obtained. The downside is perhaps that you have to hold at arms length which might be a problem for some but then is that not the case for all luggage scales?

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This Balanzza digital luggage scale weighs baggage up to 100lb (44kgs).

It would probably be better with a hook rather than a locking strap but hey! do you want everything to be perfect?

Well yes but for the price, unlucky!

This iFits digital luggage scale has a capacity of 110 lb (50 kg), graduated in increments of 0.1 lb (50 g). Not a lot more to say about this one so you would be best making your own mind up.

GSI Combined Digital Luggage and Postal Scale

A dual function scale which not only weighs luggage but can also be used as a postal scale.

The maximum weighing capacity of the digital luggage scale is 88lb (40kgs).

Another Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This Balanzza digital luggage scale has a weighing capacity of up to 100lbs (44kgs) which can be displayed in either pounds or kilograms. It has been reported that the clip that fastens around the luggage does not always connect properly but this may just be the way the user reporting this, uses it.

This handy scale weighs bags up to 75 pounds. The digital readout locks so you can easily read your bag's weight. It has a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle, is lightweight and compact, and fits in your luggage.

American Weigh Digital Luggage Scale

Weighs up to 110lbs with a 0.2lb resolution. If you want long-term reliability then the 10-year warranty that comes with this digital luggage scales makes this option right for you!

This Travel Accessories Balanzza luggage scale is ultra-compact and lightweight in design, yet it is still capable of weighing luggage up to 100lb (44kgs).

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

This Balanzza TOO is a 3 in 1 travel accessory. It is a digital luggage scale with a timer alarm, plus a convenient flashlight.

For those items that do not have an Amazon product picture associated with them just click on the picture of another to go to Amazon to browse for the item you require.

The items above are very good examples in each of the categories. There are, however, many more options available on Amazon and you can access them simply by clicking on any of the pictures above.

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