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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Beautiful This Winter

Updated on November 19, 2017

Winter brings out the worst of air conditioners in the natural environment. The cold moisture bereft air is quick to dry out your skin and without proper care, many people end up having cracked skin which can even bleed out without proper care. Hot water baths during the summer season just aggravate the problem and so does the home inside our homes which is low in moisture again.

Moisturizing your skin is important but you need to do more in order to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant especially when you spend a considerable amount of time outside. To avoid the common symptoms of winter air on your skin - flaring itchiness, redness, chappiness - there are some simple things you need to do.

Shower with lukewarm water for short periods

During winter the relief that warm water gives is blissful. We tend to prolong our time in the hot shower forgetting the damage it does to our skin. The hot water combined with aggressive soap dries out the natural oil from our skin leaving it naked to be attacked by the dry air.

One should avoid heating water more than our body temperature and the bath should be completed within regular timing. Use soaps that are soft to the skin like Dove. Even if you want to enjoy a bath with water hotter than your body temperature then make sure not to use it on your face.

Moisturize with a good moisturizer immediately after a wash

Everytime you wash, you remove the oil from your skin. So it is important that whenever you wash you moisturize your skin immediately after that. Petroleum-based moisturizers though effective by blocking any further moisture from getting released in the winter air can make your skin look oily. So if you are not heading out, use a petroleum-based moisturizer but if you are planning to step out then you should go for an oil-based moisturizer which has hydrating properties. Moisturizers with ingredients like lavender and jojoba should be your first choice.

Drink enough water

Your body is going to try its best to keep you hydrated and you can help out there by drinking sufficient amount of water. Make the drink healthy by adding lime to it. Take hot beverages to keep you warm but don't substitute them for plain water.

Humidify your home

As mentioned before, your warm house too is low in moisture content and therefore ends up drawing moisture from your skin. To avoid this, in addition to a room heater, have a humidified to keep the moisture level in the air to a comfortable level.

Dress properly

Protect your skin from the harsh winter air by covering as much part of your skin as possible when out in the open. This includes socks, shoes, muffler, hat, and gloves. But make sure that whatever you wear is soft on your skin and does not create rashes on your already dry skin. Avoid woolen or polyester if you have a sensitive skin and rather opt for cotton-based clothes in a loose fit.

Extra care for dryer areas

Areas which are constantly exposed, like the palm, feet and lips should be given special attention during the night. Use petroleum based moisturizing products on these parts to lock in the moisture during the night. Wear gloves and socks if you are comfortable sleeping in with them on as they will lock in the moisture and will also help you sleep better by keeping you warm.


Extra care for people with sensitive skins

Winter can be a very painful experience for those who have skin sensitive to allergens and irritants. People with eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis need a little trigger only to start showing symptoms during the winter season when their skin is already fighting the dryness. Such people should take care to use mild soap, soft fabrics clothes, and detergents which are light on chemics and help keep the clothes soft too.

Use homemade fruits masks

Do-it-yourself fruit masks are a great way to keep your facial skin healthy through the winter season. Face masks of honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe should be applied and kept on the skin for 10-30 minutes to let the hydrating effects of these natural substances take effect.

Eat fruits with high water content

Don't just apply fruits to your face, eat them too! In addition to drinking enough water, fruits like watermelon, apples, celery, carrots and vegetables which can be eaten raw - carrot and cucumber - are a great way to give your body the required water while making your snacks a healthy part of your lifestyle.


Exercise improves the flow of blood in your whole body and thus keeps your cells nourished and healthy. This will help your skin cells stay in best shape making your look young and refreshed. However, try to exercise indoors in a gym and avoid the winter air outside. Also, if you sweat a lot then bath as soon as you are done with cooling down post the exercise and wear light clothes during the exercise to prevent any chaffing.

© 2017 Ankit Sinha


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