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Top Facts About Plastic Surgery You Need To Know

Updated on March 4, 2015

The origin of plastic surgery dates back from the 600 B.C. This practice owes its origin to an Italian surgeon called Taggliacozi. Contrary to its literary tag of plasticity, this corrective measure has no relationship with the plastic material. With advancing technology, the practice has become popular with many people adopting it either for beauty purposes or as a means of medication. One of the most common and earliest forms, of surgery was breast augmentation which was first performed 1893 in Germany. The plastic surgery practice involving skin grafts, limb rebuilding, and microsurgery was more popular among the soldiers during the world wars. Political elites like Bill Clinton have made huge contributions in the surgery field by signing into law a bill that required insurance companies to pay for breast reconstructive surgery for women who had mastectomy.

Types Of Plastic Surgery

There are various types of surgery practiced by trained surgeons all over the world. The most common type is Botox, which involves the injection of protein into the skin in order to achieve a smooth facial appearance. Another popular form of plastic surgery for both men and women is Liposuction. However, most women have undergone breast augmentation mainly for purposes of beauty enhancement. Another popular form of cosmetic surgery is eyelid surgery otherwise known as rhinoplasty. However, the most popular non-surgical procedures include laser hair removal, chemical peel, hyaluronic acid injections and microdermabrasions. The acid injections are done mainly to treat knee osteoarthritis.


The time taken to recover from plastic surgery differs depending on the procedure. Research done by sampling of procedures performed by experienced surgeons in Kansas states that it takes two weeks for patients suffering from liposuction to recover while those in need of from augmentation takes approximately one to two weeks. With rhinoplasty, patients take seven to ten days to recover fully. As with a facelift, the duration is about one to two weeks. Cosmetic eyelid surgery takes only one to ten days to recover.


The plastic surgery cost differs depending on the type of surgery. Lighter and less dangerous procedures cost less as compared to the complicated procedures. One has to part with approximately $30,000 to access facelift surgery while it will cost you around $27,00 for breast augmentation. Other more complicated surgeries like rhinoplasty cost almost $40,000. It is advisable to seek these services only from well trained medical surgeons to avoid the side effects of poor surgery. When it comes to matters of life, the plastic surgery cost should not hinder you from accessing the best services.


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