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Tree Braids Using Only 1 Pack of Hair- Solution to Client Age Appropriate Hair Volume

Updated on April 12, 2016
Tree Braids profile image

Treebraids by Kaale is now a part of NoSho(SM) Hair Extensions Group. Started out in corporate America, but Kaale's passion now serves all.

Big Beautiful Hair is Fabulous, But There is Hope if Its Not For You!

Treebraids with only 1 pack of hair- what it looks like
Treebraids with only 1 pack of hair- what it looks like | Source

Love Tree Braids But Don't Want Too Much Volume?

People are walking around America with Lion King-like manes of hair. So you don't want Jerseylicious big hair? No fear. Huge manes of hair are not for everyone. You might be thinking- "Yeah!" Every now and then as a woman you may prefer a more natural look and prefer to use only 1 pack of human hair extensions for your strand by strand hair styles, and treebraids are no exception.

The picture shown has Invisible Treebraids installed using only 1 pack of hair. See how natural it looks? The volume is appropriate, and so is the length. The extensions start right at the hairline without excessive amount of braids. If you are looking to get an even more invisible hairline look, using curly hair creates a completely invisible hairline look. So if you do a search for treebraids on google and see women with tons of big hair, all is not lost. Simply ask your preferred stylist if she can braid with only 1 pack of hair- a picture speaks a thousand words.

If for the most part a tree braider or stylist has been unable to, or refuses to install the volume of hair desired, finding someone else who actually listens to you is so refreshing. The most amazing expression of gratitude any stylist can hear is that a stylist has changed their life in some way. Every tree braider/ stylist strives for these expressions of thanks.

Everyone deserves sexy tree braids, and in the volume you prefer- just looking at the picture in this edited hub shows you that it is possible to get hair extensions/ additions that look more natural, and age appropriate, too!

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Invisible Treebraids with only 1 pack of hair.
Invisible Treebraids with only 1 pack of hair. | Source

Also Get The Invisible Hairline Tree Braids

Have you ever experienced a traditional braiding technique that combined your love of a more natural looking volume of hair with an invisible hairline? Or, if you prefer Jerseylicious hair volume- have you ever experienced braids that were so invisible at the hairline that they could be worn by a Caucasian with flying colors? Either one can be, and has been achieved for a while now, as you can see. Isn't that a gorgeously sexy tree braid style?  Whether you decide on both or not, definitely try the invisible hairline technique- hair can be worn pulled off face as shown, or draped in soft tendrils on the sides of the face- further making this style totally invisible, looking perfect for any age- young or older.

Questions For You

What are some other desirable components of a beautiful, sexy tree braid style other than the usual- you know- length, volume, and yes- invisible hairline that you would love to discuss? Looking forward to hearing from ya!


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