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Trophy Husbands vs. Mirror Athletes

Updated on November 17, 2011

Ahhh The Life of a Trophy Husband on a world cup cruise!

My job is to be there for her and family.
My job is to be there for her and family.

Mirror Athlete's Can Have Fun Too!

Let the fun never end! One of many excursions to Mexico. Wife in middle, with good friend of familiy to the far left
Let the fun never end! One of many excursions to Mexico. Wife in middle, with good friend of familiy to the far left

Can a Mirror Athlete be a trophy husband? The answer to this question is yes. In order to understand this question and answer, first we must be able to define each descriptive adjective and noun and the root of each origin. First, it is interesting to note how I came up with this poultry geometric dilemma to begin with. Most of you have heard of a trophy wife and understand the meaning behind it. But trophy husband is not something thrown around out there at all. And although I use Mirror Athlete quite extensively at my web site there is some confusion which I feel obligated to clear up. Since this is the case I can have a little fun with this topic.

As my wife and I were walking as is typical daily, I brought up the statement “off topic” as happens often while we brain storm that led to this reply. I’m just a Trophy Husband to you… “What! Now I have to have a male model appearance too? I chuckled as I stated this.” This discussion really came up because she said I needed a haircut and shave, which I really couldn’t disagree, but didn’t like anyway. She thought the conversation was funny and shot right back over the ship’s bow without blinking an eyelid, “No, you’re my Mirror Athlete and as such, being handsome with sound mind and body have the attributes to also be my trophy husband if you’d just shave and let me give you a haircut.” Well, since I’m not working and retired, I guess the shoe is kind of on the other foot from her perspective. I became the default trophy husband because I’m retired and appear hansom in her eyes, not because I’m not contributing to a home budget. I’d much rather be referred to as a Mirror Athlete, one who looks fit, is active and looks good relative to age rather than defined as a trophy husband. This is much better for my ego as I’ve explained to her. I don’t know, trophy husband seems so, “How do I put this, demeaning.”

She mentioned I should write a story about it, so here it is. I didn’t write on it immediately, but instead sat and stewed on this concept for at least 6 weeks. Well anyway, I decided to mix my Mirror Athlete concept into the trophy husband discussion we had during that walk for this article. I’m going to have a little fun with this one in the spirit of artful writing and play on words, but will also make a very good point. Before I get to the meat of the matter, for those that are not familiar with a trophy wife, or husband terminology; a trophy wife, or husband is a woman or man whose outwardly appearance is considered striking, beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, fit, athletic, model like attributes; also typically lacking strong work ethics, high vanity characteristics and financially dependent on a partner. At least this is my understanding of Trophy Wife as Hollywood has portrayed and described. To build the man’s ego, perhaps Hollywood should modify the male classification to something more distinguishing? That’s probably not going to happen with equal rights and all.

Now let me indulge myself a little further. A trophy husband or wife is considered a prize to the partner to be displayed while being courted out in the world, but not necessarily shared with the world of strangers. It could be that this special person has extremely good, handsome or beautiful looks, mixed with Mirror Athlete fit attributes. Such as appears fit and possibly very successful, or to the contrary, not necessarily wealthy, or particularly good looking. A partners Wealth is considered valuable to the trophy idol, but not necessarily to a mirror athlete. Looks in either case are not necessarily an absolute in the eye of the beholder(s), especially if one sports positive interesting personality traits and other striking physical attributes, i.e., good hair, skin, eyes, etc. Extreme “hulk” fitness conditioning is not necessary as long as one looks fit-healthy while remaining engaged with the social setting and active. A Mirror Athlete can fit this bill easily by looking good but not necessarily able to excel at higher fitness level activities due to pain disability challenges unknown to others. Mirror Athlete’s are not necessarily defined by facial characteristics as trophy objects, or for that matter; matters to them regardless of whether or not they have beautiful or handsome features. Trophy husbands and wives are defined typically by great bodies, faces and fashion. Mirror Athlete’s are not. But this does not mean Mirror Athlete’s don’t care about their appearances. That would be a false statement. Where one classification of personal attributes soaks up vanity through fashion statements and appearance, the other is mostly concerned about good overall fitness, health and healthy appearance.

Let me break it down a little bit more to make sense of all of this. A Mirror Athlete is an individual that “will not” accept unacceptable health, fitness levels and/or; seeks to improve mind, body, soul activities and does not accept the social disability expectation; “they stay active in life and are not couch potatoes waiting for age, or pain disorders to slow them down.” They can also be "boomers with boomeritist goals." In other words, they seek out ageless centurion secrets, and ways in which to maintain health and fitness activity levels for better quality living experiences. Most of us, if we knew how and cared about such matters would maintain a fit youthful mind-body throughout our lives. It is realized through this awareness, as many of us age, the pain factor from life stresses wear down our mind-bodies tolerances to stay active in life (Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing, Fitness and Pain Mgt Chronicles 2010). The “care factor” at some point leaves many lacking will power to hold true to a youthful adventurous active zest for life. This zest, when ageless secrets known… By Appling this knowledge can last for a lifetime.

At some point in our lives we look in the mirror and think, "I'm too old and broke to continue on. I'm tired of trying to maintain my appearance and activities, what’s the use?" Or you've sought all types of solutions to get active with life resulting in repeated failed expectations. So you just stop trying because you thought all solutions to alleviate pain, lose weight and fitness activity goals have been exhausted, or nobody cares anyway. It is up to the trophy husband-wife, Mirror Athlete, warrior… Grandparents, mother, father, uncle, aunt, student, brother, sister… etc., to maintain this fit stature for his/her life partner, or most specifically self! To give up is to let go of essential daily activity movement, to include exercising mental function interests with outside contacts. And at any age, if this is the case may cause considerable harm to you personally and those that value, or seek this strength-wisdom consultation as an example! It should be obvious by now, and if not that image is in the eyes of the beholder(s). In other words, you do not have to have model like gladiator appearances with attributes of beauty, or handsome bronzed looks to hold any of these labels. This is because, what matters to young impressionable minds is to identify healthy-fit wise men and women to provide positive influence by example. This influence is a contact sport! As with all of our purposes in life, God put us down here to experience and share relationships with family, friends, etc., to also share and help those in need. And to do this well requires all of us to age gracefully by taking care of ourselves to pass on the wisdom of fit-healthy lifestyles to all around us. To do any less, I believe is a selfish act. Even when you believe no one is listening or watching you, they do! And whether or not they admit valuing anything you say, or learn from you is not the point. A part of the wired human characteristic is stubborn and unyielding to admission of any benefit they would receive from anyone. Forget about acknowledgement and recognition of passing on wisdom. Instead focus on being the example; this will yield recognition in spades that you will not be obvious to you at first. But appreciated as young and old minds are given time to make use of the teaching points toward maturity. “You’ll get your reward much later in heaven!”

I digressed; let’s move forward with the matter at hand. This flow of conversation also got me to thinking… The least I could do “also now labeled as a trophy husband” is to support the one that considers me a prize trophy. Well, of course this has to build my ego a little. So in stride, I gave something back as a feel good gesture, the proper thing to do, don’t you think. To do any less would be considered shameful and selfish after such a compliment. Now if the one that considers you a trophy “anything” happens to be the bread winner (wife), the least a trophy husband could do is butter a little bread, or bake some cake for the apple of their eye. In other words, it would be wise to reciprocate mutual respect and admiration for the labor of her love, which in this case is yours truly.

The main point to this fun filled exploitation at my expense is for all to realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder(s). But in order for the beholder and holders to feel good about one self is also to age gracefully while maintaining a Mirror Athlete image you can feel good about throughout life. This is important why? Because trophy appearances only last so long and if wrinkle free, good facial structure, hair, skin tone, body, etc., are the only things that matter you are in for a great disappointment and depression as your and partner’s body ages. However, a Mirror Athlete image can last a lifetime as opposed to the trophy wife, or husband physical attributes. And in order to be more than eye candy, one must learn not only to age gracefully but to realize this fit aging wisdom has high family values knowledge for future generations. The gift of ageless health and appearance is a gift that needs to be passed on without the vanity. Only in this way can you pass on “selfless pain free quality living experience and lifestyles to the ones you love.” This will allow future generations to feel good about themselves throughout their lives, enjoy active living experiences with their families “giving back to their children.” Isn’t this also good for our nation’s moral compass? You bet it is!

So, back to the question, can a trophy husband or wife be a Mirror Athlete? Well you now know the answer to this question… Yes. Because at any age one can maintain fitness levels for quality living experiences while maintaining a relatively fit mirror image in the eye of the beholder and/or “the mind’s eye.” And relative to age, the significant other and family will hold great value and admiration for the one who cares enough to age gracefully with them. In this light, the aging Mirror Athlete will also stand the test of time as a trophy husband to the significant other, family and friends as they age gracefully together. By aging gracefully and maintaining a fit-healthy disposition and appearance is also the ageless example that will be taught to future generations allowing others to experience quality living as they age. Through our wisdom and example which it is now our job to do so; generations repeat the healthy habit trend. To learn more about Mirror Athlete Corp., and get involved in the discussions visit the home site found through my profile links. Good health to you and your family!


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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      8 years ago from Georgia

      What a fun hub! Love your sense of humor!

    • valeriebelew profile image


      8 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

      Interesting concept, and one I hold to be true. I presently work at Curves For Women, and rather enjoy the work, though the pay is low. You can actually improve with age in many ways, though as you wrote, a wrinkle free face is not one of them. LOL. Good work.


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