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Warning: Use Caution When trying on Over The Counter Reading Or Sun Glasses

Updated on July 4, 2016



Warning: Reading Glasses

I had just left the Doctor's office and went into the pharmacy for my prescription. As I was waiting for my prescription to be filled, I decided that I needed a new pair of reading glasses (you can never have to many). I was at one of the rotating stands were the wings of the glasses fit into little slots,when you pull out your choice of glasses the wings are open and ready to slip right on. The rotating type of stand generally has a smallish mirror that you need to stand on tip toes to see into or roll your eyes upward to see how good looking your going to be in your new purchase..I chose a pair looked into the mirror and slipped them on. All of a sudden pain in my right eye. Apparently on the inside of the wing was a clear plastic tag that jabbed me in the eye. Along with the pain and tears, the entire white of my eye became blood shot.

Back to the Doctors office. Upon examination the Doctor found that I could not have got any closer to the Cornea without actually hitting it. By this time my eye was tearless. Fortunately for me all I needed at this point was tears in a bottle for the dryness.In a few days all was well. What saved my eye from Cornea damage was the fact that I rolled my eyes up as I looked into the mirror, the tag then hit just below the iris/cornea area of my eye.

REMEMBER: when trying on non-prescription glasses, be it reading or sunglasses , examine the glasses carefully to make sure all is safe before trying them on.

Reading Glasses


Reading Glasses

Full reading glasses are more suitable for people like me, who really only need them for close-up reading while half-eye reading glasses can be used to read at smaller or larger distances. The reading glasses are most of the time needed by people who have never worn glasses.

Although some specialists recommend individuals who need to wear eyeglasses have them custom-made according to their needs, most people prefer buying them at a pharmacy or department store. Over the counter or non~prescription reading glasses are not as expensive as custom-made glasses and can be purchased off the shelf in a with a huge selection of colors and designs, making it handy and suitable for different tastes.

Trying on glasses

Trying On Glasses

Styles come and go, but there are basic guidelines that all styles and time adhere to.

  • The frame shape should contrast slightly with the face shape:
    It is not usually recommended to put a round frame on a round face, or a square frame on a square face, etc. However, style is truly a personal expression and there really is not a right or wrong by today's high fashion.

  • The frame size should be proportionately balanced to the size of your face:
    As a general your eye should be in the center of the frame, from the left & right. However, the key role is functionality in this selection as frame cosmetics can be for useless if the lens looks bad, or you can not see properly.

  • Eye wear should accentuate your best, or specific features:
    A good example would be ; If you have grayish to white hair, stay away from silver frames. The contrast will give you the appearance of Muddy gray hair, while a , dull gray, or black color frame will highlight just the silver color of your hair giving a very distinguished appearance.

  • Frame quality:
    As well as ophthalmic requirements, frames should compliment one's personality and desired image.

Jeepers Creepers, Where Did You Get Those Peepers


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    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 5 years ago from USA

      Thank you , I am okay...... I know some glasses have a little stick on tag right on the lens..If only they all did.

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA

      I hadn't thought about the tag. That is dangerous. You would think they would avoid the plastic tags or make them a bright color so they would stand out. Thanks for bringing up this important lesson. I am glad you are okay.