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What are bikinis?

Updated on January 7, 2014
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Black bikini

What are bikinis?
What are bikinis? | Source

Designer Bikinis

What is a bikini?

For those of you who do not know a bikini is a type of swimwear for women. The bikini is made up of two parts; the top part of the bikini is there to cover the ladies breasts. The bottom half of the bikini is to cover the more private extremities and often cover the buttocks (although some bikinis do not cover the buttocks as they are thong styled bikinis). The idea of the bikini is to show off as much skin as possible to allow for a better tan, without exposing the most intimate of extremities. With so much skin exposed it is easy to get an all round body tan.

It is often said that bikinis were named after a place in the Marshall Islands where they tested nuclear weapons called Bikini Atoll. It is believed that the bikini was named after this nuclear testing ground because the bikini is a really small swimsuit and like an atom bomb is produces a lot of heat and excitement. With a sexy bikini you are armed with fashions version of an atom bomb.

In 1946 the first bikinis were created. The bikini caused a lot of controversy across the globe due to the fact that it shows off so much flesh. There were many places across the world that banned the wearing of bikinis on the beach. The bikini was widely used in France where the French ladies were able to wander along the beach wearing these first bikinis. Bikinis were also featured quite widely in movies to add some sex appeal to those movies. It did take a while for the rest of the world to accept bikinis and to allow women to wear them openly on the beach. As well as France, Britain wasn’t too bothered about wearing bikinis on the beach but I believe this was more to do with the fact that the weather in Britain doesn’t really make a bikini a practical choice for beachwear.

Now-a-days bikinis are common place and are worn to swimming pools as well as the beach. There are thousands of bikini designs and there are now several off shoots of the original bikini design. There are more modest bikinis that are one piece bikinis that cover more flesh than their two piece cousins but still reveal a lot of skin, these are called monokinis. A monokini is sort of like the cross between a bikini and a one piece bathing suit. Push-up bikinis have become more popular in recent years. The push-up bikini is designed to enhance a woman’s breasts and to emphasis the cleavage. Skimpy bikinis have become much more common place in recent years, they are small bikinis that cover less skin.

With such a wide range of bikinis out there it should be fairly simple to find a bikini that suits your style. You could pick out a simple bikini that covers a modest amount of flesh, you could pick out a halter top bikini, a bikini that has sexy lace tie ups that are designed to tease a guy, your man will think ‘a couple of tugs and she will be naked’. The bikini can make any hot blooded males blood boil with passion. The main thing to remember when picking out a bikini is to choose one that suits you and fits comfortably. For example, of you are heavy chested women it is a good idea to choose a bikini that offers your breasts some support.

Bikini designers make use of a fantastic range of materials when making bikinis. The most common fabrics that are used in bikini construction are spandex and Lycra. These are stretchy materials that help to keep the bikini in place and keep you parts covered. Getting the right sized bikini is important because it means there will not be any weird looking bulges and it won’t fall off in a strong breeze.

Bikinis are the ultimate in feminine swimwear and they enhance not only your body they can enhance your confidence. When wearing a bikini you can easily attract the attention of men and this can help to give you confidence and make you a happier person in general.


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