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What are the most popular Ed Hardy Fragrances?

Updated on February 20, 2012
Ed Hardy's Art
Ed Hardy's Art

The myth behind the brand

Before the term "tattoo as an art" became a part of the global pop culture, Ed Hardy has already established his name as a legendary tattoo artist. Popular not only among mainstream tattoo artists but among underground tattoo enthusiasts as well, Ed Hardy was a major influence in paving the way for a worldwide appreciation of tattoos. We all know that before tattoos became accepted as "mainstream fashion", they were notoriously known as "prison art". Today, a person can confidently display the tattoos all over his or her body without being dubbed as "one who went inside a jailhouse".

Aside from engraving his reputation as a tattoo artist, Ed Hardy has also established his name as a global brand. In 2004, Ed Hardy entered the world of mainstream fashion by introducing his own clothing line through designer Christian Audigier. The psychedelic characteristic and mystic aura of the Ed Hardy brand entered another realm when his own line of fragrance was introduced in the year 2007. All of Ed Hardy's fragrances are placed inside a unique packaged container containing his own brand of tattoo art, attracting a lot of fans and causing the fragrances to become collector's items.

So what are the most popular Ed Hardy fragrances to ever come out of the market? Here is a quick list of his top-ranking fragrances and the characteristics of each.

Ed Hardy's Heart and Daggers Fragrance
Ed Hardy's Heart and Daggers Fragrance

Ed Hardy's Hearts and Daggers

The third fragrance to come out in Ed Hardy's line, Heart's and Daggers quickly established itself in 2010 as one of the more popular fragrances among the casual perfume and cologne lovers. Getting its inspiration from the "love kills slowly" tattoo, Heart and Daggers created a mix of masculine aura with a mix of fruity note.

Hearts and Daggers consists of top notes coming from a mixture of Dry Martini, Pear and Anjou. Surprisingly, the aggressive inspiration of the fragrance was contrary to the fruity notes that emanated from it. Although more inclined to be popular among women because of its fruity citrus scent, the Hearts and Daggers tattoo did not fail to create a stir among men because of its edgy scent that only comes out hours after it is worn.

Ed Hardy's Love and Luck Fragrances
Ed Hardy's Love and Luck Fragrances

Ed Hardy's Love and Luck

Carrying the same brand name for the Men and Women versions, Ed Hardy's Love and Luck gave a different kind of experience for each version which quickly became the hot topic in the latter parts of 2008 and early parts of 2009.

The men's cologne version was inspired by the "Tokyo Nightlife" and is described as a happy-go-lucky scent that combines freshness and masculinity. A combination of citrus top notes which came from mandarin, orange and bergamot mixed with the heart notes of sage, violet and cypress made the men's version a very popular choice for young men who are always on the go.

The women's perfume version of the Love and Luck on the other hand came from the nose of Adriana Medina and is characterized by a mild and easy fruity scent. It's top notes are blood orange and bergamot, its middle notes are jasmine, nectarine and plum while its bass notes are musk, cedar and patchouli. Both men and women versions of Love and Luck are good for young, casual and adventurous people and this paved way for its unprecedented popularity in 2009.

Ed Hardy's Rendition for Men and Women
Ed Hardy's Rendition for Men and Women

Ed Hardy's for Men and Women

The original Ed Hardy's fragrance to come out in the market, this set of fragrance paved the way for the popularity of Ed Hardy's perfume line. An actual representative of the concept "tattoo as an art", both men and women versions perfected the combination of wild, aggressive and mild scents coming from woody and fruity notes.

The notes for both men and women versions are as follows:


Top - grapefruit, mango, strawberries

Middle - freesia

Bass - rose and amber


Top - orange and bergamot

Middle - aromatic mint

Bass - musk and amber

Have you tried an Ed Hardy Fragrance yet? Which one do you think is the best?

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Ed Hardy's fragrances are widely available through online shopping websites so acquiring one would not be too difficult. Shopping websites that sell perfumes exclusively such as offer some discount prices too. If you are looking for a chance to understand the myth behind the Ed Hardy's brand, trying out Ed Hardy's brand of fragrance is a great way to start your experience.


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