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Jon Gosselin Taints Ed Hardy Perfumes?

Updated on February 18, 2012

Ed Hardy brand has always been more about the image and less about the substance. But what happens when an unwanted celebrity starts latching on? Forget gilded stars like Madonna and Beckham--they gave the Ed Hardy brand class. Now it's Jon Gosselin's turn. America's Flaky Father can't be seen without some Ed Hardy gear on.

But can we get past the superficial image and see anything of worth? What do critics and the public think about the Ed Hardy perfumes? Beyond the superficial buzz, critics say Ed Hardy perfumes offer redeeming qualities.

Jon Gosselin wearing Ed Hardy
Jon Gosselin wearing Ed Hardy

Jon Gosselin, the Notorious Face of Ed Hardy

Lately most of the Ed Hardy news has been related to the notorious Jon Gosselin who, for the most part, lacks a any sense of taste and style. But the Ed Hardy line is fun and funky, and above all it's intended for youth (or at least celebrities who are young at heart). What's your say on Jon Gosselin wearing nothing but Ed Hardy? I only lament because it's giving this brand a yucky, mucky image.

His vacant personality has become synonymous with Ed Hardy so much that E! Online believes that any new reality TV show with Jon Gosselin would be nothing but “Jon and his three best bros hitting up the clubs in their finest Ed Hardy, sipping their Ed Hardy vodka and smelling like Ed Hardy cologne. Or maybe someone will have enough foresight to just kill the whole thing.” It’s clear that Jon Gosselin makes the Ed Hardy brand seem as vacant and gross as himself.

Christian Audigier Distances Ed Hardy from Jon Gosselin

Christian Audigier, the marketing mastermind behind the Ed Hardy brand, was back and forth during the past few weeks in saying that they want to create a kids clothing line with Jon Gosselin. The final word is that they don't want to work with Jon Gosselin. It’s clear that Christian Audigier is unsure about Jon’s association with Ed Hardy.

Ed Hardy gear beyond Jon Gosselin is actually pretty cool. Jon Gosselin just happens to be one of those rare celebrities you just don’t want posing for your brand and he seems to be giving Ed Hardy gear and its perfumes a bad rap.


Ashley Tisdale wearing Ed Hardy
Ashley Tisdale wearing Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy’s Popularity with Youth and Celebrities

Ed Hardy seems to be loved so much by youth that it's the number one most counterfeited brand in LA, remarks the crime investigation reporters in the LA Times. Beyond all the Jon Gosselin hype, Ed Hardy is sincerely coveted and loved by teens and young kids all throughout the States. Ed Hardy gear and perfumes boast a touch of edge, sass and major cute-factor. What's also great for teens is that Ed Hardy is often discounted. If you love Ed Hardy perfumes, you can surely find them online for discount perfume prices.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing Ed Hardy
Vanessa Hudgens wearing Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Edgy or Not?

Ok, so Ed Hardy's gritty tattoo art turned pink and placed onto a bedspread doesn’t exactly scream counter-culture anymore. So Ed Hardy's tattoos are no longer alternative and edgy as they once were, like when the Godfather of Tattoo first started out in the 1960s by inking up skin in San Francisco. Ed Hardy's tattoo grit turned popular, mainstream and marketable. But so what, right? Isn’t that what happened to other alternative forms of artistic expression like hiphop, urban grafitti, and punk? In between Avril Lavigne and the Lil’ Momma, we can see how kids and marketing capitalist can take a really creative fringe art form and make it perfectly cute, normal and acceptable for even bubblegum Disney pop stars like Vanessa Hudgens to openly wear. The point is kids and teens love the mix of gritty street-wear and bubblegum pink.

Ed Hardy Women, edgy on the outside, sweet on the inside
Ed Hardy Women, edgy on the outside, sweet on the inside
Another Ed Hardy fan, Jessica Alba
Another Ed Hardy fan, Jessica Alba

The Juice Saves Ed Hardy Brand

While everyone loves Ed Hardy for being both totally gritty and totally cute at the same time, the Ed Hardy brand can boast something of substance. The juice of Ed Hardy Women, the best-selling fragrance from Ed Hardy, is the kind of uncomplicated, optimistic fruity perfumes that young women love.

It’s delicious, it’s sweet, it’s pink. And it seems superficially edgy, just the way teens love it! Even top perfume blogger Robin, at Now Smell This, says that it’s among the currently popular fruity-floral, strawberry based fragrances. She also gives kudos to the original bottle design. Though typically a tough critic, she admits that while she doesn't personally enjoy sweet pinky perfumes, she projects Ed Hardy Women to be an all around top fragrance. She compares it to the best-selling sweet strawberry perfumes like Ralph Wild or Miss Dior Cherie. So beyond the ickiness of Jon Gosselin, the Ed Hardy brand is still loved and appreciated by innocent teens. And for a good reason.

Fruity Strawberry Perfumes

Do you like fruity strawberry perfumes?

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