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What Are Avogen, Avocatin and Molecule 302 Skincare?

Updated on March 15, 2011
An array of different professional grade 302 products in an aesthetician's treatment room.
An array of different professional grade 302 products in an aesthetician's treatment room. | Source

An Avocado Fat That Cures Problem Skin and Aging

Avogen/Avocatin is the name given to a light yellow lipid that is found naturally in avocados and then combined with some other compounds. The '302' of Molecule 302 and the Avogen-based 302 products has to do with the molecular weight of this amazing lipid or fat.

Avogen (also called Avocatin — Avogen is the trademarked name) performs wonders on human facial skin, apparently repairing damaged skin, lightening or diminishing acne and other scars, reducing lines, and wrinkles while also toning and softening facial skin. Basically, avocatin returns your skin to its normal, healthy state. When your skin is healthy, it naturally looks its best.

Scientists discovered this molecule in the Guatemalan rain forest. It is entirely natural and non-acidic. This discovery led the scientists who were amazed by the effect it had on skin to create a skincare line called 302 or Molecule 302 based on their patented Avogen formulation.

It sounds a little hokey, right? Scientists go to a rainforest and discover a new molecule? A new molecule from avocados, no less — a fruit that has been part of the Western diet for centuries!

But think about it: Grandmothers and traditional remedies have long said that avocados are good for your skin, though the why was never so clear. These scientists simply found out what exactly it is about avocados that is good for your skin, and why. Then they studied the molecule.

They became so convinced of the practical benefits of Avocatin for our beauty and youth obsessed culture — it actually works and it is non-chemical and non-toxic — that they applied for and received patents for their formulation.

So yes, this is a patented formulation, and Avogen and 302 have undergone independent testing at the Eli Lilly toxicology center.

That formulation, call it Avocatin or Avogen or Molecule 302 or just plain 302, is now part of a pretty complete skincare line. The products truly work, and they are based on a less-is-more philosophy: The less you do to your skin — the fewer products you use, the less you use them and the more natural those products are — the better for your skin.

The 302 product line is only sold through licensed skincare specialists and aestheticians who understand the product and how it can benefit users.

Does Avocatin 302 Work?

I actually use three of these products myself and absolutely love them. I have never said that about any other face wash or cream or anything. I have fewer breakouts using 302; my skin seems more even-toned using 302; I actually feel my skin tightening up when I use the 302 eye firming serum.

I am a journalist, so promoting this line has zero bearing on my livelihood. I am about as independent and neutral a reference as you can get — I simply like the stuff. But if it's further proof you want, the 302 website is chock full of all those testimonials that sales people love to parade before potential customers.


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