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What to wear in the rain

Updated on June 6, 2013


The rainy days seem never-ending with the dark clouds making it feel like early evening all day long. Friends are starting to talk about getting daylight lamps to lighten their mood. People are driving like idiots for some reason in the rain, all trying to stop their car as close to the building they need to get into as quickly as possible, so they don't get too wet, as if they might shrink or spoil their carefully styled hair. The school run is becoming a nightmare.

Why is it that the rain gets us down so much? Young children love to splash in puddles and play in the mud. I've watched children in the park take off their shoes and socks and cover their feet in mud, just to feel it on their skin and then make muddy footprints around the park. I've watched them squeal with joy as they stand underneath a stream of water pouring from a leaking gutter. By the time we reach adulthood, the fascination has worn off, apart from the festival going crowd! We scurry from one shelter to the next as if we need to avoid the rain at all costs.

When I was young, I remember I had a matching raincoat and hat - I loved everything about it; it was bright yellow and smelled of plastic and made a wonderful noise as it was unwrapped. It reminded me of my rubber duck in the bath. I had a big see through mushroom-shaped umbrella that you could pull right over your head and listen to the raindrops drumming away on it. My wellingtons had all sorts of different colours and creatures over the years; even now, I love the different designs that there are. I loved lying in my tent, snug in my sleeping bag and listening to the sound of the rain (you can actually buy recordings of the rain to listen to).

I loved the smell of wet grass, and the steam that would rise from it as the rain stopped and the sun came out. I loved making mud pies. As I got older and started to travel, I discovered monsoon rain, that falls from the sky like a warm shower.

Rainy days in summer are always a bit tricky as the weather can be quite warm and humid. Not wanting to get your feet wet is a problem as you also don't want them to get too hot. Waterproof shoes can be too heavy and make your feet itch, so you need something that will let your feet breathe, but at the same time will cope with muddy puddles. Crocs and Skechers are ideal, but may not look very glamorous with delicate summer floaty dresses. Look out for shoes that can be washed or are non-porous, as damp shoes will quickly start to smell as fungus and bacteria take hold, and this will irritate or infect your feet and make them itch and smell. Shoes with slingbacks are good for letting your feet breath. Try to avoid shoes made from canvas or straw as these will very quickly soak up a lot of water.

Trying to keep dry in the summer can also be a bit of a problem as wearing a coat or jacket can make you too hot. Small waterproof coats such as pac-a-macs are light and easy to carry so that if you get caught out in a shower, you have something to hand to keep you dry.

Carrying an umbrella can be tricky if you have a lot of shopping to carry or need to look after young children in a pushcair or you need to hold their hands. Umbrellas do come in all shapes and sizes though and can be quite a talking point with elegant designs, shapes and trimmings. Whether you want to choose something sophisticated with an elegant wooden handle or something more adventurous such as one that is fitted with a light up handle (excellent for seeing your way in the dark), or others that actually have little lights fitted to look like a starry night, you'll find a range of umbrellas to suit your needs. Some umbrellas can be folded to the size of a pencil case tht you can neatly store away in a small bag.

The children sing a song at school that goes, 'Plop, plop, plop, let the raindrops drop, Don't keep wishing the rain would stop, Everybody needs rain, Everybody needs rain" and yet when we're all grown up, we sing songs that associate rain with sadness and being unlucky in love.

Let's celebrate the rain! Treat yourself to a funky umbrella, be jolly with your brolly! Get the craziest wellies you can find and why not get welly socks to go with them? Get a really bright coloured raincoat, waterproof, mac or cagoule, shiny patent plastic and be bold! Carry your pac-a-mac or cag in a bag wherever you go. Release your inner child! Get a big hat and let the rain plop off it. Get a water butt for the garden and take delight in it filling up. Park the car further away and enjoy a walk in the rain with all your bright coloured rain-gear! Cheer everyone else up with your flashing umbrella! Buy some galoshes for over your shoes and stride through the puddles. Let's get soaking wet. Soaked to the skin. Drenched. It's teeming down. Hooray!



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    • favouriteperfume profile image

      favouriteperfume 5 years ago from Malvern, UK

      Hi 2patricias, yes the rain has been persistently coming down hasn't it?! Hope we get a good summer after what seems like a really long winter.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 5 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      This is great advice - especially as it has been raining in southern England so much recently.

      I have a collection of colourful umbrellas - got to do something to cheer up on a rainy day.