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Hot Fashion Gumboots and Galoshes

Updated on August 24, 2010

The humble gumboot gets a lot of flak for being an unimpressive piece of footwear good only for farmers and fishermen and it is usually ignored by the fashionistas and fashionostas of the fashion world. That's because they're shortsighted and don't know how useful it is to be wearing footwear that will protect your feet from being shocked by electric fences.

Behold! I say unto you that gumboots and their cousins galoshes are completely underrated in the fashion world, and we should be working to ensure that they make a comeback not only as weekend wear, but in the workplace too. If you can't get away with sensible yet frivolous footwear in the place you spend forty hours a week toiling for the shareholders and a dry crust of bread, where can you get away with it?

Fortunately, Australian and New Zealand fashion designers have already stumbled upon the notion of making gumboots and galoshes in colors other than black or green. In fact, in some high street Sydney shops, gumboots were selling for upwards of $200 of their Australian earth dollars back in 2007. One shudders to think how much they might cost now, in a world where inflation is ever rising.

Gumboots are the only practical and sensible attire for the homo sapien on the go. If you travel regularly, wearing gumboots will not only allow your feet to swell in comfort, but they're also much easier to slip off than shoes that lace up in the sort of way that quite frankly, makes you look like a terrorist.

When it comes to buying gumboots and galoshes, be aware that not all gumboots and galoshes are made equal. If you buy the traditional farmer cut, that tends to come up slightly above mid calf an invariably flaps loosely around your lower leg like a very weak rubber fish, you will be disappointed. If , on the other hand, you purchase gumboots in what are being described as being 'equestrian' style, you will find that they confirm to the slim lines of your leg and, quite frankly, make you look damn good. Damn fine.

Still not sure about it? What other style of footwear is guaranteed to elicit smiles and fond childhood reminiscing from those around you? I don't know about you, but having an elderly CEO taking a fashion inspired trip down memory lane because of your footwear seems like it could only be a good thing. And if he starts weeping floods of happy tears, you'll be the only one not to get your feet wet. Win!


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