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What's So Great About Ugg Boots Anyway?

Updated on June 15, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

The Viking in All of Us

 Once upon a time, only people who lived in places like Alaska, or at least Minnesota wore heavily fur lined boots, and even then they were worn typically in the harshest of outdoor conditions.  But in the past few years, a new fashion statement has been made in less than sub-arctic climes like Dallas, Atlanta and Washington, DC by women more accustomed to chopping onions in their warm, suburban kitchens, than chopping wood outside a log cabin in the woods.

Ugg has arrived.  I am male.  Until recently, I didn't even know there was a brand called Ugg and when I did, I was told it was for women only.  Frankly, I didn't get too excited.  If women want their feet to be warm as well as stylish, more power to them.  I lived in Traverse City, MI for several years, and even now it is hard to get me out of my favorite pair of Smartwool socks.  Okay, there are times when I remove them, I do shower most days, but my feet are much happier with my Smartwools than without, so I really empathize with anyone who wants their feet to feel warm and cozy. 

But if you're marketing any fashion item to women (with the possible exception of lingere), I feel pretty unnecessary to the process.  I mean, sure, my head turns when I see soemthing I like.  But I don't often notice the brand of a ladies' boots anymore than I ask her the brand of makeup she's wearing. Unless it's soemthing I might buy and wear myself, I probably don't care too much. 

So what IS so great about Uggs anyway?  First of all, you do not even need to wear socks with Uggs - pretty cool!  They are so comfortably lined there is no need for a pair of socks between your feet and your boots - they become one!

Second, for the same reasons your boots never collect any odors - now we're getting on a topic men can appreciate for their footwear too.  But truly you can wear them in any kind of weather for a very long time without creating a bad foot odor in your Uggs.

They're stylish - in a Norseman sort of way.  Women have been known to wear them with shorts, leggings, tucking their jeans inside their boots - any style you can imagine, will work with Uggs.  The boots are professionally and carefully crafted to hit nearly every style niche as well.

But for me, here's the good news.  When browsing through a Nordstrom department store recently, I saw the sharpest looking pair of boots on display in the men's section I've seen in a long time - and lo and behold, they were Uggs.  I had to try a pair - and now they're tops on my Christmas list. 

Yes, it's true, Uggs are a bit pricey.  But look at this way, you can always head over to Wal-mart for a pair of "W'uggs" instead, but you may give up more in warmth, comfort and the style you seek than you get back at the checkout counter.  For my money, go for the Uggs!



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    • ugghyves profile image


      11 years ago free shipping, now sale tax, 100% genuine.

    • fortunerep profile image

      Dori S Matte 

      11 years ago from Hillsborough

      These boots are awsome, warm and I love em! Have 3 pair. Great hub!



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