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Where Can I Buy Electric Shavers – Buy Shavers Online Here

Updated on March 27, 2011

Earliest Blades – Obsidian Blades

The ancient man used fractured obsidian to make hair and beard shaving blades. What is obsidian? Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is formed when volcanic lava cools rapidly fast. Obsidian has a glassy luster and is harder than your window glass. Obsidian usually looks shiny black and can be as well be classified as semiprecious stone. Obsidian was used by ancient people as hair and beard shaving tool. It was also used as a weapon, knife, a tool for cutting, as well as ornament. Ancient people also used bronze as well as filed sea shells to make shaving tools. Today, man can file an obsidian prismatic blade to reach a cutting edge sharpness of one molecule thick! You can imagine what that kind of sharpness can do to one’s flesh.

Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver   Buy Shavers Online Here
Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver Buy Shavers Online Here

Straight Razors

A straight razor is a metal razor of whose blade can fold in to its handle to prevent rusting and for safety from cutting its handler when not in use. A straight razor is really more like a folding knife. Straight razors are also called open razors or cut-throat razors. They were in use as shaving blades since man learnt how to use steel and up and including 1950ish. In between, there were those who would break glass bottles to make sharp blades from glass for shaving and hair removals. And there were the beard twister that would hold a beard, twist it before pulling off the beard.

Obsidian - a natural volcanic glass that is formed when volcanic lava cools rapidly fast. A stone age man's shaving tool.Image credit: Wikipedia.
Obsidian - a natural volcanic glass that is formed when volcanic lava cools rapidly fast. A stone age man's shaving tool.Image credit: Wikipedia.

Fire to Burn the Hair

Which did man learn first – to use tools like obsidian or to make fire? The logic is that there is no way man would have learnt how to make fire without learning how to use simple tools like obsidian cutting blades. But learning the need that hair need to be removed or cut from his body may have come long after he had learnt how to make fire? This being the case, then it’s logical to hypothesize that the early man may as well have used fire to burn his hair as opposed to shaving it. Considering how painful it was to remove hair then, I think the idea of burning hair is something you may have considered appropriate if you were alive then?

Fear a Haircut

With the modern man came the scissors, single-edge razor blade, followed by disposable blade straight razors, then safety razors, before finally settling with the electric razor which is also known as the electric dry shaver. One need remember that shaving or removing hair from man’s body using some of these tools has always been painful. Shaving and hair cutting is one thing man never liked and in most cases it has to be forced on him by his fellow man. When you were young, did you used to fear a haircut? This may be the reason why man is always on the lookout for the best shavers – and it seems the electric shaver is today serving that need.

Electric Shaver

A gentleman by the name Jacob Schick was the first man to patent the first electric shaver in 1928. The very successful concept of a revolving electric razor was developed by Philips Laboratories of Netherlands. This electric razor from Philips has a shaving head that has blades that cut off the hair that enters the head of the electric razor. Before the use of electricity in shavers, there were mechanical driven shavers that required one to pull a cord to drive a flywheel that was installed in those manual shavers.

Working Principle of an Electric Shaver

The modern electric shaver will normally have blades that oscillate. The working principle of an electric shaver is that first the skin is rolled forward ahead of hair follicles. This will make the follicles come above the skin level where the hair is cut off. In the foil shavers, layered metal bands will pull out the hair, cut it and then allow it to retract back below the skin. The other shaver type is the rotary ones which usually are in a triangular arrangement.

Initially, an electric shaver did not require shaving cream, soap, or water. These ones are called dry shavers.

Shavers Powered By Rechargeable Batteries

Today, many electric shavers are powered by batteries. The batteries are recharged by electricity. These kinds of shavers have become very popular as people are able to use them when out in places with no electric power. Currently, there are electric shavers in the market that are now allowing for wet shaving where shaving creams and moisture or water is allowed without damage to your electric shaver.

Buy Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver

The Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver is a bit expensive but with a reason. But one would still go for it as it seems to have more advantages over other cheap shavers out there. Buy Braun Series 7 Pulsoni Shavers may be ideal for the average to above average people in terms of wealth. The Series 7 is a new top of the line shaving system from Braun which is revolutionizing the shaving technology. Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver has been engineered in such a way that it captures more hair with every stroke for a comfortable shave. Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shavers are known for their ability to shave with high-speed precision using leading edge Gillette Blade Technology. The Braun Series 7 is among the world's first shaver brands with an energy star qualified battery chargers. This shows that the shaver is energy-efficient and it also shows how committed the Braun's company is in environmental sustainability.

Buy Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver Online
Buy Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver Online
Buy Philips Norelco 7810 Men's Cutting System Online
Buy Philips Norelco 7810 Men's Cutting System Online
Buy Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men's Shaver Online
Buy Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable/Corded Men's Shaver Online
Buy Panasonic ES4026NC Pro Curve Rechargeable Double Blade Wet-Dry Men's Shaver Online
Buy Panasonic ES4026NC Pro Curve Rechargeable Double Blade Wet-Dry Men's Shaver Online

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