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Where Did you get your WEAVE?

Updated on May 8, 2016


As with everyone, at some point in a person's life, we are really into fashion, hair and makeup. For some reason, it never sat well with me. I've had my share of trying this hairstyle or that hairstyle, but, my hair just wasn't that right texture. I went with the flow of things and started doing my own thing. I came up many hairstyles that suited my type of hair using the products that were available at that time. And trust me, the picking were slim. I noticed a trend that was becoming very popular. Society had stepped up it's game concerning the push towards beauty had transcended the need for body image; it had HONED in to the need for women to worship their hair! It(society) had found another way to exploit beauty, and the finances it provide. The quickest way to a woman's heart is to stroke her need to be beautiful. Vanity, vanity, all is VANITY!! I thought about all the scenarios that I had endured as a teenager concerning my HAIR. I could not understand what the issue was at that time, but, in 1997, I understood perfectly. People envied me because I naturally had what they wanted, and now, could achieve with weave. I never thought wigs were a hot item. I always felt like a person was pretending to have something that they did not. I felt it was a lie. Be yourself, love yourself.

The Year 2000

Fast forward three years, and whoop there it is! Beauty supply stores start popping up everywhere, and are very lucrative for the pockets of those who saw the vision. Hair care products blossomed and boomed. Not to mention, hair styling tools took a dramatic turn. It seems like overnight things went from figure it out to I've figured it out for you. Some one realized that the electrical styling tools needed heat hot enough for ethnic hair, and this market had been vastly ignored. For those who are old enough to remember this slogan, "Beautiful people, Beautiful hair!" Yep, Afro Sheen products, had now become a thing of the past. Out with the old, in with the new and improved. So, I got excited because this meant that I no longer had to rely on hot irons and hot curlers that started it all, anymore. I can now make my naturally curly hair straight, without fear of burning it. So, I start wearing my hair down(meaning not pinned up) and straight, and combined with the new oil lotions that were not greasy, created a very healthy shine to my hair. Boy, what a difference did that make in my life. I never expected all the comments that I would get from this very simple action!!

Here's a funny story: Natural or Weave

One day I decide I will straighten my hair for work. I walk out my apartment headed for the bus, and five people stopped me along the way and ask, "Is that weave you have in your hair?" This question took me by surprise because I thought to myself, "Didn't you see me everyday with my naturally long curly hair?" Oh my! I guess not. Truth be told, I've seen these same peoples for seven years and they never noticed my hair!!? So I answer them politely with a snicker, "No, this is my natural hair," and proceed to my bus.

Now when I got on the bus and sat in the back, there were these teenaged girls on the bus. I assume they were going to school. All of a sudden, I hear them whispering, "That's some nice weave she have! I wonder where she got it!" I thought to myself with a befuddled look on my face, "What!?" A couple of the girls knew me and were stating their case that, that was my natural hair. Now granted, I'm sitting like one or two seats up from them and can hear everything they were saying. I thought to myself, "Why don't they just ask me whether or not my hair was weave?" I figured they didn't want to offend me, but had already offended me by their whispers. I'm telling you, this was an important topic to them to discern if my hair was Real or Fake. They argued amongst themselves for about what seemed like 10 minutes, until I decided to put them out of their misery, or so I thought!! I turned around smiling and told them, "This is my natural hair straightened." That should settle the issue. You will not believe what happened. One of the girls looked me pointedly in the eyes and said, "That's Weave!!" My jaw dropped.

At this point, I realized that what I stated in 1997 to my pre-adolescent daughters had come to past! These teenaged girls had been indoctrinated into the World of Weave.

The Year 2016

The above photo was taken in 2010. What do you think? Weave or Natural? Well, shortly after this picture was taken, I realized that it was too much work to maintain this look, and I started wearing my hair naturally curly again, pinned up.

People, family and friends thought I was crazy for not displaying my long hair. They couldn't understand why I no longer wore my hair down and straight. "You have such nice long hair!" they would say. Okay, so, I never follow to the tune of other's, I've always did my own thing. Besides, the time it took to wash and dry, straighten, and style my hair was too much for me, and beauty is not just about hair, but, the complete package like your attitude, integrity, and your faith. I felt my finances could be best used somewhere else, like towards my children's quality of life, their education, or towards contribution for the betterment of Society. I also prefer to build young women up in their natural state, and the beauty that's within, than tear down the illusion of WEAVE!!

To Weave or Not To Weave-That is the Question

You tell me- Weave or Natural-What do you LIKE?

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Tell me how you feel? Share with me your thoughts!!

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