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Why You Need To Date A Man Who Wears Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

Believe it or not, men who wear lingerie make excellent boyfriends, husbands and lovers. They might not look like they stepped off the front cover of a romance novel (or maybe you're lucky and they do), but they do have a unique perspective when it comes to the feminine psyche that many of their lingerie less counterparts can sometimes lack.

Sick of manly men who seem to need you for nothing other than carnal release and ironing shirts? Tired of trying to have deep conversations with a man whose communicative ability is not far off that of a brick wall? Why not try a man who wears lingerie, for these and so many more reasons...

  • The man who wears lingerie isn't going to laugh at you because you want to try out a new fantasy in bed.
  • The man who wears lingerie isn't going to be so hung up on 'manly' stereotypes that he finds it impossible to relate to you on an emotional level. He isn't likely to freeze up when you cry, or to freak out when you're upset.
  • The man who wears lingerie understands what it is like to feel pressure to conform to something you don't feel is really you. He is much less likely to stick you in a 'girly' box and expect you to behave like June Cleaver 24/7.
  • The man who wears lingerie is going to be able to buy you some killer lingerie, and in the right size!
  • The man in lingerie is one who breaks taboos. He knows society doesn't like what he's doing, but he does it anyway. That take some serious balls, even if they are encased in lace.
  • The man who wears lingerie is one who you know will share his intimate secrets with you.
  • The man who wears lingerie is likely to have an appreciation for the finer things in life.
  • The man who wears womens lingerie is inclined to be a sensual lover, enjoying the feel of touch. He is unlikely to be a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' type of guy.
  • A man who wears lingerie is likely to know how to be gentle, how to be soft. He is likely to spend time on your satisfaction and pleasure, and to derive satisfaction and pleasure from that himself.

Perhaps most importantly:

The man who can wear lingerie with you is a man content. He is a man who has conquered the fear of what you might think and worn his panties anyway. If he has any brain at all (and most men who wear lingerie do), he knows he is fortunate to have found the sort of woman who can love and appreciate him for who he is. Men who wear womens lingerie may not be perfect, but they do possess a great many of the qualities women secretly and not so secretly yearn for in a mate.


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    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      It took a lot of time and courage to be open with my wife about wanting to wear panties every day. I have now for over 15 years. No one would know if they new me - I wear normal work clothes and workout clothing. Revealing and sharing this deep inner personal need has made us closer. She also knows I'm very unlikely to stray!

    • profile image

      rd 8 years ago

      WOW. Hope, that is a lot of reasons for women to seek out men that wear lingerie. And all this time,

      I just thought it was because we look cute.

    • profile image

      ArtistGirl1978 8 years ago

      I am immensely happy that I found your hub!!! It is so refreshing to see such positive postings dealing with this topic. I hardly ever get the opportunity to express my affinity for men in lingerie, especially being a church-goer and all. (Talking about it there is definitely a no-no. Ugh.) I admit that I do secretly enjoy looking at attractive, muscular men in panties, hosiery, garters and corsets and would think it to be a dream come true if I were blessed with a husband who loved to don such things. Keep up the great work churning out wonderful, thought-provoking articles on lingerie-lovin' men. I'll bookmark as many as I can!

    • profile image

      Lester Q. Lee 8 years ago

      Dear Hope,

      A little late in joining in the kudos to you for this article. But better late than never. I share the same opinions as the others in your observations.

      I would like to offer one other "advantage" in having in relationship with a lingerie wearing man: We would be very loyal to any female who accept us!"

      I know that you know this. As evidenced by your articles and the responses from your readers/admirers!

      Thank you for this haven of support and understanding.

      Another one of your admirers.


    • profile image

      Dave 8 years ago

      Right on! I've always been this type of guy. Your writing is superb by the way.

    • profile image

      CrossStud67 8 years ago

      In fact, I'm a man whom walk on the street, I does wore woman lingeries day-in and day-out wear. Men who wear woman lingeries admired the designer taste of the outer skin. Man brief/thong and g-string are to plain, whereas woman lingeries comes with different combination of lace, satin, silk, cotton, spandex and other fabrics with all forms of design. My wife and I do exchange ideas whenever we buy our lingeries. I wouldn't know other woman thinks of a man who wore lingeries, but I believe is a woman perception whether do accept or against it.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      Hi guys :) Thank you for your kind comments. I am really very glad this is of use to you all!

    • profile image

      Matt Ramsey 9 years ago


      Thanks.. I sent the last paragraph of the article to my wife. She is accepting of me wearing panties to bed etc. She does love me and I know it.

    • pantiesbob profile image

      pantiesbob 9 years ago

      I agree with you Mikki-Maine, Hope has done yet again.

      I have been married twice, first time I thought about pantie wearing but never did it. The second time, married 20 years and decided to do it. Did it secretly for 3 weeks and finally sat my wife down and told her. I was wearing a pair at the time and showed her. She was understanding at the time, but a few months later I could sense she was having a little trouble with it. I stopped for several months, even to the point of throwing out all my panties. Well I wasn't happy, so I told her I was going to start wearing them again. This time around she is totally okay with it, to the point of going shopping with me the first time to buy some.

      If this is all a person is hidding and you have a good level of trust in your marriage, I would come out with it. But that's just me, I'm happy with me.

    • profile image

      Mikki-Maine 9 years ago

      Geeze Hope... I wish there were more women who shared your insight on this topic.

      If I can offer one bit of advice to any man who is reading your posts it would be to be honest with your partner about this as early as possible in the relationship. I have lived my entire life in the closet and would love to be open and free about my love of lingerie... but it's not going to happen.

      After a period of time the issue becomes more one of trust than of deceit... I believe that at this point in our lives (mid-50's and married 30 years) my wife would first feel betrayed that I kept something so well hidden for so many years - what else am I hiding so well? The second would be the lack of trust - why did I not trust her with my inner most secret as she has with me? The third would be betrayal - she did not agree to wed and live with someone who hid things and did not share life fully with her - and she would be hurt, rejected and angered by that breach of faith.

      I understand all that - and still risk it daily when I get dressed and wear my lingerie. I just wish I didn't have to risk so much.