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Why men should use skin care products

Updated on July 13, 2011

Being an Avon Independent Sales Representative, you would think most of my customers would be women, with the occasional man wanting to buy cologne for themselves or something for his wife or girlfriend. Actually, about half my customers are men, and not just buying for their partners or buying fragrances. Men buy skin care products, too.

Often, men are afraid to admit they want to look at a brochure mainly about makeup. They usually take one while admitting, "You know, I really do need a new comb/brush." Flipping through it, they find the colognes and ask me for samples, which I give them. I then point out the skin care. I usually get a horrified reaction, along the lines of: "But I don't need that! That's only for women, right?" I give out a sample of moisturizer or hand lotion, and usually get a positive response a few days later.

Facial care

Men are out in the elements more than women, even in these days of supposed gender equality in jobs. Men work on construction sites, as window washers, and at other jobs where they are exposed to wind, sun, and other aging factors. Also, women are more likely to use moisturizers, lotions, and cleansers, which reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging as well as put back much-needed vitamins and moisture in the skin.

While that "rugged cowboy" look may seem worth the dry skin, it won't last forever. It will eventually turn into a face full of deep creases. Men also get acne, which can continue well into adulthood (as with women's acne), from oily skin.

People with dry skin should use a moisturizer twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. This adds vitamins to your skin and helps heal the skin cells so they will not be so rough over time.

People with oily skin should use an oil-free cleanser and an exfoliator in the morning and just the cleanser at night. This clears away the natural oils your skin produces and helps clear clogged pores.

Men can benefit from eye cream and wrinkle cream as well. I had one man come up to me at a fair booth, wanting to try an eye cream I was demonstrating. He liked it so much that he bought a jar of it on the spot. It takes at least four weeks to really know how a skin care regimen is working for you, so keep with it until you know how it works. Some things that work for one person do not work for someone else, but with all the products on the market there is something that will work for you. Most companies have at least a partial money-back guarantee, so you can try the products without losing money.

Hand care

Hand care is equally important for men and women. Like with facial care products, women are more likely to use hand care products, leaving men at a supposed disadvantage. However, most hand lotions are packaged in gender-neutral ways, which helps the male buyer.

The skin on your hands and feet is the most apt to become dry and flaky. This is where hand lotion comes in. A quick treatment during the day works for most people, but some people require a more prolonged treatment. When you have some time, put lotion on your hands and/or feet, then put cloth gloves or socks over them (yes, even over your hands). The cloth prevents the lotion from rubbing off, letting more of it soak into your skin. Let it soak in for at least 10 minutes. For severe dry skin (visible cracking, rough to the touch), do this every day for at least two weeks, then occasionally as needed.

Men also can benefit from trips to a spa, and more centers are offering couple's treatments. Sixtyorso has written a great hub about that, which you can read here.

For more skin care tips and tricks, including a men's skin care profile, visit my website and also check out the other hubs listed below.


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    • finsofts profile image

      Divya Devarajan 

      11 years ago from India

      Great post

    • jeffrubman7 profile image


      11 years ago from Coral Springs, Florida

      I am total on the same page with you. So many men don't have a clue about how to groom themselves. great information, only if they took your advice. Take care Jeff Rubman


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