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Wicked Women's 70's Flared Jeans

Updated on January 1, 2011

It's time to break out your mother's wardrobe (or your old wardrobe, if you happen to be wise and noble enough to have lived through the 70's in your adult state,) because flared jeans are back! They're back with a vengeance.

This pleases me greatly, for the skinny jean trend is only flattering if you happen to be a tiny person or if you like going about with all your contours sharply outlined for the world to see. The flared jean trend, on the other hand, is pretty much flattering for everyone. It's difficult to look bad in a par of flared jeans, because the flares at the bottom of the pants counterweight one's thighs admirably, making chunky thighs look charmingly reasonable and making more svelte figures look more svelte than ever.

Flared jeans are just one element of the 70's that is making a comeback thanks to the dour economy and culture of fear that pervades the USA. In times of uncertainty, people always look towards the past, and in times of recession, people look for cheaper clothing that has already been worn once or twice.

This may be the best time in your life to unleash your inner vintage fashionista, so don't be shy about your big pointy collars, your curly fro' styles and your wooden platform shoes.

To compliment your flared jeans, you can wear modern day t-shirts, or go with retro style blouses in appropriate motifs. Floral motifs will date your look in an appealing fashion, or perhaps a vest covered in leather fringes will take your fancy more. Fringes were very big in the 70's and they are still to be found upon fringed leather bags, within which you may carry your iPad, or your drink bottle or perhaps the emergency train ticket you bought a year ago but decided not to use, which was just as well because you happened to meet the love of your life at the bar where you drowned your sorrows. High romance and drama.

You may also choose to pair your flared jeans, platform heels and fringed bag with a shearling coat or perhaps a shearling hat. Shearling is very big. Shearling is incredibly big right now. In fact, by the end of 2011, it is possible that Shearling will be in greater supply than cotton, supplies of which even now are dwindling thanks to the 2010 Indian floods.

Oh how wildly interconnected fashion is with the world around it! From the fabric our garments are created in, to the styles we wear. Fashion is life, and life, is fashion.


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