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Fashion Trends, Winter & Autumn 2010

Updated on January 18, 2010

2010 Autumn and Winter Fashion

There is a big difference between styles and trends, trends should fit your style. Fashion trends are the latest fashions, inspired by runway, and stylists latest creations. Styles will fall under a number of categories, Ie: Gothic, sporty, boho, punk, casual. Decide what your style is, to wear trends well. If trends don't fit your personal style, you will probably look mismatched.

There are a few things one should consider when opting for trends to add something new to the wardrobe..

Color- Does the color compliment your skin tone, hair, over all look?

Does the style reflect your personality, and fit your usual personal style?

Cut/fit- Does the cut/shape of the clothing flatter your body, and emphasize your best features?

Remember: One trend might look good on you, but not on Melissa. One trend might look good on the model in the magazine, but not on you. So if you consider these three things: Color, Style, Cut, ask yourself those questions and honestly answer them, then you can't go wrong.

Good fashion trends for winter 2010

The Military Jacket- The Military jacket seems to be constantly in and out of fashion. I bought one about 4 years ago, and they stayed 'in' for about a year- a year and a half, went off the radar for a couple of years, and now they're back again. Of course that didn't stop me from wearing my military jacket, don't ever let what's 'in' and what's not, stop you from wearing what you like. It doesn't matter if you wear trend's that aren't in fashion anymore, because latest fashion trends should be intended to give you new ideas, and add something new to your wardrobe when you feel that you need to update a bit.

The military jacket is quite versatile when it comes to styles, and the jacket itself comes in a number of styles. The military jacket can be worn with a number of combinations to fit a variety of styles. Those styles are: Casual, punk, hippie, sophisticated, and can easily be dressed up or down.

The usual colors of the military jacket are, black and khaki. Other less common colors that the military jacket comes in are navy blue and red. The jacket can either be neat and tailored, or rough, and even frayed. What makes the military jacket is the dome buttons, either directly down the middle of the jacket, or to the side of the front.

In my opinion, a style of the military jacket can be found to suit almost anyone, and it's definitely something to hold onto for years.

Lace tights- First of all, no one should wear white lace tights. It has yet to be proven that white lace tights look good on anyone, it's too much white, and they make your legs look bigger than they are. Black or very dark blue are the only colors of lace tights that should be worn, bright colors will make you look either like a hooker, or like you've stepped out of the 80's.

Lace tights should either be worn with a short dress or skirt, to just below the knee length. Don't ever wear them with peep toes, as this just looks plain silly. Lace tights will work well with pumps, and boots of any height, ankle- over the knee. Generally, brown boots wont go with lace tights, so stick to black, dark red, or navy blue.

Lace tights can look good on everyone. If your legs are on the thicker side, go for a lace pattern that is fine, and simple, rather than very detailed and featuring large eyelets or patterns, like flowers. Likewise, if your legs are particularly thin, go far a large printed patterned print.

Avoid wearing lace clothing with lace tights, as this tends to look OTT.

Blouse/Tunic- Blouses are a perfect way to add instant femininity to any out fit. Almost any style of blouse will suit any woman, and they can be worn with basically anything. A chiffon blouse will work well with a skirt, jeans, or pants. The biggest thing to consider when buying a blouse, and perhaps the only thing, is the color. White and black will look good on everyone, but other colors of blouses tend to be in pastel shades, which certainly aren't for everyone.

Tunics are a similar fabric to blouses, being chiffon, or chiffon like, or sometimes cotton. But the style of tunics tends to be loose, or baggy. Tunics come in a wider range of colours than blouses, and they sometimes feature prints, unlike blouses. There are less things you can wear tunics with, and they can be difficult to wear well. Tunics go best with jeans or pants, and can be worn tucked in with some skirts, or long tunics look good worn with lace tights for winter.

Over the knee boots- These type of boots are a very recent trend, and haven't been 'in' for quite some time. It's best to stick to black, grey, or brown for knee high boots, as bright colors or white, will tend to look super un-classy, and perhaps make you look like a hooker. Black is definitely the safest way to go when it comes to over the knee boots.

Over the knee boots should be worn with either a short dress or skirt, or skinny leg jeans. If worn with skinny leg jeans, dark colors of jeans will look best, light colors probably wont work at all.

Go for a suede or leather boot. Avoid shiny material, and if your over the knee boots are brown, don't wear them with lace tights, they will go best with white,and neutral colors of clothing.

Trench Coat- The trench coat never really goes out of fashion, and it is what i consider to be a staple item for every woman's wardrobe. The trench coat, providing it's black, which it should be if you only have one, goes with anything and every thing.

A good trench coat should be tight fitting around the waist, and sit just above, or just below the knee.

Avoid trench coats that are longer than below the knee, unless a Gothic/vampire look is what you're going for. Also avoid trench coats the skirt out quite significantly, as this look will tend to look very Victorian, which again, is fine if that's what you're going for, but it is a bit outdated, and in my opinion, unflattering.

Beret's- Berets look cute and pretty on everyone, and they are the most perfect way to keep your head warm! The only thing to consider when selecting your beret, is color. Be sure to choose a color that suits you, or play it safe with black.

Don't ever wear your beret so that it is positioned directly, and evenly on top of your head, as you will look like mushroom head! Wear your beret either tilted slightly to one side, or slightly to the back of your head.

The fashion trends for 2010 that i have suggested here, are ones that are selected to work for every woman in one way or another. The most important thing to consider here when it comes to all of the trends i have suggested, is color.


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    • kathryn1000 profile image


      8 years ago from London

      Great,mate,suitable for the Tate.

    • peppermint23 profile image


      8 years ago

      I love crochet leggings and tights with patterns. Urban Outfitters has some really cute pairs.


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