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Leather to Lace | Women's Biker Boots

Updated on October 26, 2010

Biker boots are some chunky fashion boots that can transform an innocent outfit into a grungy, edgy effort guaranteed to impress onlookers and more importantly, keep one comfortable. I adore biker boots, because they buck the trend of being delicate and instead institute a chunky hard wearing, thoroughly practical attitude to femininity that I find rather endearing.

Remember, you don't have to be a biker chick to wear a biker boot. These gorgeous boots fit in wonderfully with the moto denim trend that is lurking about the highways and byways of fashion this season.

Read along with me as we explore the wonderful range of biker boots currently available on the market.

Valentino Lace Biker Boot
Valentino Lace Biker Boot

Valentino Lace Biker Boot

This biker boot is everything I was waxing lyrical about in the opening paragraphs of this piece. Well, aside perhaps from practical, I can't imagine that the lovely gray lace that adorns this stunning biker boot would hold up well over an extended period of time. But practicality aside, this stunning piece of footwear really does blend traditional ideas about femininity (delicate lace) and slam them full speed into the fast paced world of the biker boot. Lovely.

Dior Italian Leather Biker Boot
Dior Italian Leather Biker Boot

Dior Brown Biker Boot

Dior's take on the biker boot is perhaps a little less florid than Valentino's but it is no less original. Note the significant heel on these brown Italian leather boots.

If anything, these boots put me in mind of horse riding boots rather than biker boots, there's something distinctly equestrian about the long line of the leather, although the chunky adjustable buckle attempts to hide equine roots.

These are not perhaps the most practical boots either in terms of riding, but they ooze a rough kind of elegance that will have everyone wondering where you picked up such a steal.

Fifi & Elvis Women's Tart-Let Low Shaft Biker Bootie
Fifi & Elvis Women's Tart-Let Low Shaft Biker Bootie

Fifi & Elvis Women's Tart-Let Low Shaft Biker Bootie

Time now to round out the collection with a boot that is actually as practical as was suggested at the outset of the article. The Fifi & Elvis Biker Bootie sounds much cuter than it actually is. With a rough camel leather exterior, short stubby rise and double buckle accents, these are boots you can shove on in the morning after rolling out of bed, groggy from lack of sleep because you're on the run.

These are boots built not just for style, but practical application, indeed the wide leg allows these boots to be pulled on easily, rather than slowly coaxed on by a stable of handmaidens, and the low heel means you won't be an easy target if you need to make a quick getaway.

These boots are also a perfect compliment both to the camel trend, and the shearling trend that is everywhere this year. What more could you possibly ask for?


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