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Camel Skirts | Fall's Faithful Essentials

Updated on October 2, 2010
Ralph Lauren Camel Skirt
Ralph Lauren Camel Skirt

Camel is becoming huger than a herd of dromedaries this season, as the weather becomes colder and people look for stylish, solid pieces to protect them from the elements.

Though camel is undoubtedly beige in disguise, I've reversed my anti-beige sentiment in this case because camel is such an incredibly versatile color that really does work with a wide range of other styles this season. A camel skirt will tie into a series of different looks and will quickly become the 'old faithful' of any wardrobe this fall.

If you want to present a conservative, professional look, a camel skirt paired with some sensible black leather pumps will create the image of a responsible executive. If, on the other hand, you want to throw off the shackles of clothing conservatism, you can wear the very same skirt with a pair of leopard print heels or boots and present an entirely different image to the world.

Leopard print has also made a strong return this season, and camel colored clothing has developed what can only be called a symbiotic relationship with the potentially racy print. There's an undeniable feline, feral look to leopard print, but it can easily cross the line to trashy. However, even a scandalous pair of leopard high heels or even leopard pants if you want to go that far, can be mellowed out by the soothing application of a camel overcoat.

If one purchases only one new item this winter, let it be something camel - and if one is looking to take advantage of the current trend towards a traditional kind of femininity, (50's circle skirts are even coming back in at the moment, that's how much we're all collectively yearning for a past where men were real men, women were real women and gender stereotypes were real life,) then a camel skirt really is a must have.

What kind of camel skirt should you purchase? Length wise, you're probably best to be looking at skirts that fall below the knee. 3/4 skirts are very popular at this point in time - they show just enough ankle and calf to indicate general health and well being, but they certainly cannot be accused of being immodest. If the idea of wearing a 3/4 length skirt makes you want to howl tears of dowdiness, then it is also acceptable to wear camel skirts that dance around knee length, either slightly above or slightly below.

The skirt pictured at the outset of this article is by Ralph Lauren, and is a fine example of the current trends. It is simple, refined, and stylish. Like you. Yes you are stylish, yes you are!


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