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BaByliss For Men 7845U i-Trim

Updated on October 11, 2014

The Beauty Of Trimming With The BaByliss 7845U i-Trim

The BaByliss 7845U-iTrim has been a complete dream for me over the past number of years and is yet to let me down! I'll start from the beginning...

When I think about it, I've not actually had a full-on proper shave for around 4 years! I know what you're thinking... and the answer is no, I do not look like a human yeti!

After giving shaving a go for a while, I'll be honest, it was tedious, time consuming and it made me look about 6 years old (maybe 10 if I styled my hair the right way!) Either way, it wasn't for me!

You see, a common trend since my early 20's (and perhaps prior to that, it just wasn't relevant to me!) was to trim your facial hair as opposed to shaving it. Revolutionary huh!

Whatever your views on trimming facial hair is, over the last few years, it must have saved me a lot of time! When you have a shave, it's all about the preparation that seems to take forever - all this foam malarkey!

I tried a number of trimmers over this time and I'll be honest, they were pretty lousey. Some made the results really patchy, others couldn't get close enough to a decent trim for shortish beard length in the first place. But then I found BaByliss!

The best thing about using the BaByliss For Men 7845U i-Trim (or any other good trimmer to be honest - but this is the best I've used to date) is that you can quickly pick up your trimmer and give you face a good seeing to! It takes seconds - not minutes! Plus, you look (or at least, I like to try and imagine that I do) reasonably stylish! And in my case, look old enough to buy an alcoholic beverage without getting laughed at (I'm 26 by the way!)

So.. because of this wonderful beast - the benefit's its brought me has been amazing if you add them up over the years! Time, lack of need to buy replaceable razors and obviously, style and sophistication - well, as close to sophistication as I'll ever get!

Anyway, check out the below and I hope you find it a really useful page!

Photo courtesy of LeeStewie i.e. myself!

Men: Do You Trim?

Old Man's Beard Trim
Old Man's Beard Trim

Photo courtesy of LeeStewie

Before I get under way and start demonstrating why trimming your unwanted hair is definitely the way forward, I want to hear out of every visitor to my page whether they trim or not! Perhaps this is more suited to men - but if any women want to share their bodily hair experiences as well, then sure.. go ahead!

So don't be shy... vote away!

Do You Trim?

See results

Other Great Trimmers

I've had a look around the marketplace and these appear to be very highly regarded in the whole trimming hair market!

I'll be honest, I've not used any of these and wouldn't give up my BaByliss 7845U i-Trim for anything, but if you're looking for alternatives, I'm sure one of these will float your boat!

i-Trim Advert

Check out the advert for one of BaByliss' latest male grooming products! Looks pretty good huh!!

The Latest BaByliss Trimmer!

If you liked the look of the trimmer in the video above, check the below out for some further info! Looks cool to be fair, especially the electronic adjuster for the length..

The Transformation of Trimming!

So... you thought your beard was impressive?! Well check out this HUMONGOUS hair full of face!

Not only does this guy make it a funny video from the way he is, it just really goes to show the benefits of good facial hair management (wow.. how corporate does that sound!)


Other Great BaByliss Products

So.. the 7845U i-Trim wasn't for you?!

Well not to worry! Here are some other excellent BaByliss products to cater for all of your hair needs - or not-needs - however it may be!

Shaving or Trim?

I'm interested to know just how many people out there shave, trim or just opt for the more au natural look!

What is your prefered method of hair removal?

See results

Useful Links

They say self promotion is a bit of a sucky thing to do, but what the hey! Check out some of my links which I believe may (or may not!) be useful to you!

So here it is... the moment of truth! Would love to hear some feedback from you!

Have you used the BaByliss For Men 7845U i-Trim? If not, why not?

Aside from the obvious talking about this specific product, is there anything else you want to talk about regarding grooming?

Failing any of the above, if you want to just say 'hello', then that'd be just as cool!

Looking forward to hearing from you anyway :D

Would Love To Hear Your Feedback

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