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Quality Men's Electric Razor in the UK

Updated on October 31, 2014
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Rotary Electric Razor
Rotary Electric Razor

Find a quality Electric Razor for Men in the UK here!

I have used an electric razor all my life and I am sure a lot of this has to do with the fact that my dad also used an electric razor. I just never got into wet shaving. But there is more to it than that. I had friends who wet shaved and I had instances where I had left town and forgotten my razor. In these situations I had to resort to buying or borrowing a wet shaver. The result was brutal, my skin was cut and flecked with red after the shave and I was so sore. After shave was a nightmare! So much so that I couldn't shave again for days after. Now you could argue that I was just not used to it. But the other reason I have no doubt is that while I have quite a lot of body hair (eew gross!), my facial hair has always been somewhat limited. Why this should be I do not know. To this day I cannot grow a decent beard or mustache. I think for people who can grow great beards, a wet shave is a wonderful thing. But for me, the electric razor is and remains the razor of choice. There was a recent thought I had on this subject, it's funny thinking back to when you just started shaving, the biggest problem for a schoolboy or student was the time it takes to shave using a wet shaver, I just didn't have time to do it and get to school and I certainly wasn't going to shave in the evening. So for an 18 year old it was a case of needs must and things have never changed since then.

So once you have decided on the electric shave, where to go from on!

What type of razor do you prefer?

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Foil Electric Razor
Foil Electric Razor

Choosing a quality Electric Razor for Men

Four things to consider when choosing an electric razor

Razor head. The razor head has two basic styles, the rotary and the oscillating. Most manufacturers offer both styles but the rotary was first developed by Philips while the oscillating is more associated with Remington. Braun, Panasonic and Philips have made some extraordinary advancements in these features.

Price Razors vary from £15 to £250 and, as with all things, it depends what you can afford and what you require from you razor.

Power Source. Today there is the choice between replaceable battery or battery charger. Most portable razors are operated by two AA batteries which can easily be replaced from any convenience store. Mains razors used to be operated by the razor being plugged directly into the wall socket but these have largely been replaced by a razor dock that recharges the long life battery installed in the razor. AA batteries can get expensive and I have found it a good idea to invest in a rechargeable set.

Wet and/or dry. Electric razors originally were a dry shave but today some manufacturers have developed some electric razors that can work with gel or cream and then be washed in the sink! Wet electric shavers? the industry has indeed come full circle.

Razor Head

Quality Men's Electric Razors

Rotary or foil, well it's a personal choice but I can give a few suggestions. Rotary razors come as either 2 head or 3 head. Both work well and the 3 head is obviously faster but the nature of the 3 heads makes the surface triangular. The 2 head can literally fit in your pocket so I think the choice here is based on the need for portability. I have owned both types and without doubt the 3 head tended to stay at home. Foil razors with an oscillating head are often top of the range models. They are extremely effective and for going over the bone of the jaw they are superb. They are also on the cutting edge of shaving technology with the introduction of wet models. I have little experience with foil razors as the first one I bought used to hurt my sensitive skin but I think on reflection the razor was low quality plus the technology has moved ahead so much that it is no longer an issue.


Quality Men's Electric Razors

This is where I have to be a little subjective. I currently own the Philips HQ130/16 Battery Operated Rotary Electric Shaver. This is an incredible little shaver for £19.00 and worth every penny. It doesn't o any clipping or shearing and is tun off two AA batteries. But its like the ever ready bunny, it just works. I would not recommend for someone with a lot of facial hair but for the average guy, its a great economic razor. AND I LOVE IT

Power Source

Quality Men's Electric Razor

This issue has partly been solved today by the rechargeable cradles that come with most mains batteries. I used to have a razor that had to be plugged into the mains at all times and while it was an excellent razor, it had to be used either in the bathroom or bedroom or always near a socket. Today these have largely been replaced by rechargeable cradles whereby the battery is within the unit and charges whilst the razor is at rest but then can be taken around the house at leisure. Mains razors still have a role to play in that they tend to be cheaper than rechargeable razors. True portable razors allow regular AA batteries to be inserted at any time. To all intents and purposes the two types are now interchangeable except that the cradle must be transported with the mains razor and the portable razors tend to be lower power and constantly need new batteries.

Wet or Dry

Quality Men's Razor

Quite honestly this option has finally brought together the manual and electric razor and I regard as cutting edge technology. This is re-enforced by the fact that most of them are at the high end of the market and I suspect will fall in price if and when they become popular. I admit I have not tried one but will look into when my current razor no longer functions. The idea of being able to lather up and then have a smooth clean shave, then simply rinse off and walk away has its appeal. More on this if and when I buy one!

You Tube has lots of shaver videos.

Early Electric Shaver


A little bit of history

Electric shavers were first patented in 1928 by Jacob Schick. These were foil shavers and were fully developed by Remington in the 1930s. The rotary shaver was invented by Alexandre "Sacha" Horowitz and was developed by Phillips. I have been unable to find the exact date when Alexandre invented the rotary shaver but Phillips produced the first one in 1939 and so I must assume it was a few years before this. I am fascinated that all the early names are still around today. There are also people who collect early razors and some have fifty year old models that still work and shave ! Alexandre made over 130 patents in his lifetime and was a highly respected man, Phillips seems to be exceptionally proud of their association with him. He died in 1982 at the age of 78, bizarre when I think I started shaving in 1968 and the man whose razor I was using was still alive.

Which electric razor do you like? - Thank you for visiting my page.

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    • MrMojo01 profile image

      MrMojo01 5 years ago

      I don't use electric but there is a lot of good info in this lens.

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      I'm an electric rotary man.

    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 5 years ago

      I don't really use electric razors. Maybe I should give it a try!