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Hot Black Light, UV Tattoos

Updated on July 4, 2014

Black Light Tattoos

Black light of UV tattoos have become one of the hottest tattoos desired by those pursuing to have some ink on their bodies, and from the images below, you'll see why they're so compelling to some.

There are some obvious limitations to black light tattoos in that they are very dim in daylight and difficult, and in some cases, impossible to appreciate and see, unless viewed with a black light.

One very compelling aspect of this type of tattoo design is when it's combined with traditional tattoo ink. The two together can look very cool.

A consideration when thinking about black light tattoos, is in some cases the design will leave some scarring on the body, and it isn't always a surety that it will be hidden in daylight hours, even if it is lighter.

So if you're thinking of it being completely invisible, that may not be the case, so you have to be careful not to have it inked in a place where it could have a negative impact on your life, such as when interviewing for certain jobs, etc.

Finally, black light tattoos are more expensive to have etched in your skin, and will take longer to apply. Keep that in mind when going over the variables related to making a decision.

Popular Black Light, UV Tattoo

The skeleton tattoo below is probably the tattoo that has popularized the UV tattoo craze more than any other, as it is ubiquitous around the Internet when searching for this type of tattoo, and is, for the most part, considered the standard in the genre, as well as the primary marketing tool that has made the segment so compelling.

Black Light Skeleton Tattoo

While arm and hand tattoos are be far the most popular among black light tattoo, there are numerous exceptions, such as the full back tattoo below. The face, ribs and chest are other areas people have had them inked on. Very few have them placed on their legs.

Black Light Back Tattoo

UV or black light tattoos are also very popular among the ladies, and can look great.

The contrast between light and dark in the images below are fantastic. I really like the eyes and hair of the first woman against the dark backdrop. Looks and works nicely.

The Ladies and Black Light Tattoos

Combination Tattoos

A terrific way to be tattooed is using a combination of black light and traditional tattoo ink. It is really cool to see the outlines and highlights working together in a design.

Traditional and Black Light Tattoo Combinations

I mentioned arm and hand tattoos being the most popular placement for black light tattoos. Within those parameters, the forearm is the top choice for UV tattoos.

It seems the reasoning behind that is it is simply the easiest place to be able to display that type of tattoo if you want to show it off in a variety of social situations.

Forearm UV Tattoos

Using script for tattoos has been popular since tattooing was invented, and that's also the case with black light tattoos. The dark shadowing really looks radical when contrasted with the bright, fluorescent fonts, as seen below.

"Life is Beautiful" Black Light Tattoo

Not including the forearm, black light tattoos on the hands is probably the next most popular choice of placement. Here you see the matching tattoos on the backs of the hands.

Surprisingly popular is also putting the UV tattoos on the knuckles. In those cases it's, for the most part, lettering that is inked on.

Matching Hand Black Light Tattoos

Now here's a bold decision by the recipient of this UV tattoo, placing on the top of his bald head.

Of course it may not be as difficult as it sounds. After all, how many people will be able to see the tattoo, whether in daylight or UV conditions? Still, pretty cool when it is showcased. I think it would be somewhat painful to endure the inking process itself on that delicate area.

Wild Black Light Tattoo on Top of Head

Tribal tattoos can be designed for any type of theme, as seen by the choice of the tribal black light tattoo below.

This is one of the more vibrant I've seen, and really stands out, even more so than traditional darker ink.

Tribal Black Light Tattoo

After looking at the variety of quality black light tattoos above, you can see why so many people choose to go in that direction.

One thing I have always wondered is the limitations of being able to display them in only certain circumstance, as tattoos are definitely made to be seen.

As a piece of art though, they are extremely enjoyable to look at.


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    • danielleantosz profile image

      danielleantosz 6 years ago from Florida

      Very cool! I have several tattoos, and I could see getting a black light one of something I didn't want everyone to be able to see all the time. However, tattoos are pretty painful and I want to be able to show them off all the time after going through the pain!