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What Body Part of a Women do you like?

Updated on November 29, 2011

Parts Of A Woman

Body Language Cues In Female Body Language

This question was asked by dank2011. Before I give my answer let me warn you. If a woman asks this question, DON'T ANSWER IT! This falls under the category of "Do these pants make my butt look big"? There is no correct answer. I suggest you try to avoid answering at all costs. It will only lead to trouble!

A lot of guys will say breasts or butt. And yes these are the first things a guy notices. I wrote a hub on this subject "What I First Notice About You". I'll include the link below. Naturally we are attracted to breasts. They are the first things we see as you walk towards us. Even if we look at your face first, we will drift down to your chest. Any man tells you different is lying.

While your breasts will get the attention as you approach us, your butt will get the attention when you leave. Especially if the woman is wearing tight jeans or a short skirt. Sure we may check out your legs, but we won't stray from your butt for long. If you want us to know your name, I suggest you place a name tag on you breasts or butt. Until then we will know you as the girl with the gorgeous breasts or nice butt.

Some people will like the eyes or the smile. Any man that tells you this is telling a white lie. Sure we may like your eyes and smile, but we will never remember them as well as we will remember the above mentioned body parts. We just tell you that so you think we are sensitive. It's true we can be sensitive, but not enough to say your eyes and smile are our favorite part.

The biggest lie you will hear is when a guy answers the question with, "your companionship". The guys that other guys hang out with give companionship. The drinking buddies, sports freaks, all provide companionship. Does a woman really want to be put into that category?

I guess I really should answer the question since that is what this is all about. My favorite body part of a woman is....................The whole package. Sounds like a cop out doesn't it? It's not.

Say the breast is your favorite part. Now put that part on a man. Still your favorite? I doubt it. Therefore it is the woman that makes a body part your favorite. So, in my world, the woman as a whole is my favorite.


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    • dobo700 profile image

      dobo700 5 years ago from Australia

      I would have to say I'm a bottom man myself