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Bow Nail Art Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on July 21, 2015

Bow Nail Designs

Bow nail designs and themes are a wonderful option for social situations that may be light and relaxed, reflecting the playful and attractive element of a bow, which includes the idea that someone's unwrapping a present given to them by you.

In this case it's the bow itself as a piece of art on your nails that is the present to be looked forward to, and the variety of design options to represent the desired mood are many.

Bow nail art designs can be expressed in a couple of ways as far as themes go. The most widely used is a bow tie that some wear on special occasions, and the other is a bow you would use to wrap up a present with to create the anticipation all of us experience when looking at a beautiful, wrapped gift.

Whether it is a reflection of an accessory or a part of a gift wrapping, bows on the nails look great, and they're very easy to make.

Bow Nail Art Designs

The bow nail art designs in this article will focus primarily on the look of a bow someone would use for wrapping a gift. There will be an example of what a bow that is probably a reference to a bow tie worn is special social situations. But overall, the bow used for wrapping gifts will be what we look at the most.

Having said that, interestingly enough, some people use the same image used for a bow tie as the same image of a bow used on a gift, with the only way of knowing it's the case is the inclusion of a ribbon to identify it as such.

Either way, bows should be a part of all of our nail art repertoire in the right situation and circumstances.

Learn to make one type of bow and it's very easy to make another type of bow nail designs with just a couple of adaptations.

When to Use Bow Nail Art

To know when bow nail art is appropriate for a specific situation, just think of whether or not people would show up at an event wearing a bow or a suit, or in the case of a gift bow, whether or not it's a time when someone would give a gift to someone.

That means weddings, celebrations, special occasions, and a plethora of events that are special to the people involved. In some cases, either type of bow would do, as people dressed in their best in some cases involve times when gifts are given.

Black Bow and Polka Dot Nail Art

Here's a cut set of nails with a bow theme that is very attractive. The decision to have black bows against a white background works well, as does the black bows on a solid white base, with the polka dots also being placed on a white base.

The combination works well together and looks great when distributed on every other nail in the way it was.

It shows how someone can easily design a set of nails with an attractive look and theme. It's simple but elegant, and most importantly - works.


Black Christmas Bow Nail Art

This is an example of bow nail art that as far as the shape of the bow goes, could be considered either the shape of a bow tie or the bow on a Christmas gift. The clue is of course the ribbon accompanying the bow with this nail art.

I really like this design. It's gorgeous, and the glitter works awesomely with the Christmas bow theme. It also shows how you can design a theme on your nails while using a natural look.


Bow Nail Art with French Tips

With the last photo of nail art displaying a natural nail look, it seemed a good idea to show another example of the same, albeit with a totally different design; this time with a bow and French tips.

The bows are outstanding again, and for some reason, work with the tips which are so opposite in style and design.


Bow Nail Art Video Tutorials

Next we'll look at a variety of nail art video tutorials featuring bows as the central theme.

The colors and designs are all different, and include a variety to ways to put together a terrific set of nails using a bow as the inspiration behind it.

Cute Bow Nail Tutorial!

Bow Nail Art

Bow and Stripes - Lulu Guinness Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Bow & Lace 3D Acrylic Nail Art Design Tutorial

Cute White Bows on Pink and Black Background

I really like this set of nails showcasing the white bows on a pink and black base. Bows seem to stand out the best when an outline of the bow is included in the design. You get the feeling of it almost being a cartoonish image imprinted on a realistic background when it's done that way.

Depending on whether or not you like that style, it can be a very compelling and fantastic way of designing nails with a bow theme.


Purple Glitter Tips with White Bow

These stunning set of nails are a fantastic example of the quality of art you can achieve using a bow as part of the design.

The colors and design are exquisite, and the addition of glitter as a way of celebrating what appears to be the Christmas season gives it a festive and quality appeal that culminates in a rich, visual experience.


Nail Art with a Bow Theme

Who would think the relatively lowly bow could be used in such magnificent ways to create fantastic nail art like we've seen in this article.

They're rich in detail, attract attention, and can be designed to very high standards that would appeal and delight all those fortunate enough to enjoy viewing them.

Bows as a nail art theme should be one of the options chosen by ladies on those special occasions that warrant their use.


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