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Colored Hair Extensions - Chic and Easy to Use - Be Original !

Updated on March 31, 2015
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Colored or Natural, Hair Extensions Are Great for Temporary Changes !

Have you ever wanted to be daring and creative with your hair ? Do you see other people everywhere from the clubs to the grocery store with cute and funky streaks of color in their hair, and wish you could do that ? You can!

Do you have a serious job or profession that prevents you from having "creative hair?" You know, like brain surgeon or financial advisor. Your patients or customers might think twice if you walked in with lime green bangs, and hot pink streaks. (not sure why, but it happens !)

Clip in hair extensions are the answer ! They are extremely versatile and completely removable with no damage to your hair. You can be the consumate professional during the week and a beautiful and creative sensation on the weekend at the clubs or out with your friends. You can even toss a couple in your hair, in minutes, to run to the store. You never know, you may catch the eye of Mr. or Ms. Right, in the frozen food aisle.

Clip ins are a easy and inexpensive way to change your look, be it a subtle change or a radical make over. Check out the extensions below, and see what I mean.

Graphic courtesy of, item is sold on this lens.

16" easiLites Clip Human Hair Highlight - by easihair

These highlights are 100% human hair and are available in eleven colors. They can be curled, braided, straightened;anything you can do with your own hair. Easy to use clips are sewn in at the top of each 16 inch piece. Get several, and be different and original !

16" Clip-in Straight Hair Extension (Rainbow) - Comes with Free random color ponytail holder

What a Set of 5 Piece Clip-In Streaks Looks Like in Your Hair

5 Separate Pieces Clip-In Streaks - Lots of Colors

Just clip them in and trim to length. All the same color or different colors, as many or as few as you want, to get the perfect look !

Synthetic Hair Don'ts

~ Do not use heat on 100% synthetic extensions, including a hairdryer.

~ Rough brushing can cause breakage, tangling and frizz.

~ Plan to set aside at least a half an hour to care for your extensions every time you wear them.

What is your opinion of colored hair ? - Love it ? Hate it ?

What do you think of wearing colored hair ?

You Don't Have to Have Long Hair !

Hair extensions

can be used in

short hair too !

~photo courtesy of

22" Clip-in Straight Hair Extension (Dark Red) - Plus Bonus Ponytail Holder

How to Care For Synthetic Hair Extensions - Very Important If You Want To Keep Them Smooth and Pretty

  1. Use detangling spray on the extensions every time you wear them. Spray on and comb through thoroughly. This should aid in avoiding tangles and frizzies. Make sure to use a brush made for use on extensions, regular brushes and combs can pull out the hair strands and break them, destroying the smooth, beautiful look.

  2. If you use hairspray or other styling products, you must wash your extensions each time you wear them. Make sure to use cold water and to use shampoo and conditioner made for use on synthetic hair. Be gentle !

  3. If you have frizzy ends, trim them off with sharp scissors. pour a bit of oil (any kind will do) in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Gently run your fingers and palms through the extension until evenly distributed. Let sit for an hour and then gently squeeze the extension from top to bottom in paper towels, until most oil is blotted off. Wash and condition per normal and hang to dry naturally.

Hair Collection-12" Purple 100% Human Hair Clip in on Extensions - 1.6"wide - Two Matching Pieces

How to Curl Synthetic Hair Extensions

Safely !

~Buy some hair curlers in the appropriate size for the curls you want.

~Heat water to just under boiling and dip your extensions in it.

~Roll your extension on the curler and close it.

~Let it dry completely and voila, you have a curly extension.

~photo used with the permission of the owner of Cuttin Loose Salon

Why You Should Consider Human Hair Extensions - Instead of Synthetic

There are a few reasons you may want to choose real human hair extensions over the synthetic variety, even though they are more expensive.

  1. You don't have to buy special hair products to take care of real hair extensions, you simply use the products you use on your own hair.

  2. They stand up to harsher combing and styling without getting damaged or frizzy. You have to replace them less often.

  3. You are able to use a curling iron and hot rollers on real hair, it would destroy most synthetic hair.

  4. Real hair extensions are usually able to be dyed if you want to change the color. Synthetics cannot.

  5. Real hair hangs and moves more naturally than the synthetic variety.

Penny Says.....

Have Fun ! Be Different !

Semi Permanent Hair Color

Think Pink !!

How Cute Is This !

~photo courtesy of

Semi Permanent Hair Color - Forget the Clip Ins, Dye Your Hair !

If you have the kind of lifestyle (and job) that is able to support colorful hair, you may want to consider dying your hair, either streaks, ombre, dip or whole head. It is delightful to have bright hair and it garners many compliments wherever you go. Jerome Russell Punky Colour Hair Cream is semi permanent, which means it will wash out in 20 to 60 washes......just in case. :)

Opinion Poll on Colored Hair - What Do You Think ?

What is the most cute way to wear colored hair ?

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Have You Ever Done Anything Really Different With Your Hair ? - Tell Us !!!

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  • artbyrodriguez profile image

    Beverly Rodriguez 5 years ago from Albany New York

    As soon as I got out of highschool, I dyed my hair jet black. Why, I don't remember. Lots of great tips on this lens.

  • AG 1984 profile image

    AG 1984 5 years ago

    I've had red and black highlight that bought as crazy as iv gone but it was really cute!!