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Chrysoprase Stone - Chalcedony

Updated on January 8, 2011

Cryptocrystalline Quartz

Chrysoprase is an apple-green chalcedony used as a gemstone. It is the most valuable variety of micro crystalline quartz. The name of the stone is derived from Greek words, chrysos and prason ("chryso" for golden and "prason" for leek). The gemstone has a hardness of around 7 on Mohs scale and a conchoidal fracture like flint. Chrysoprase is available in a variety of enchanting colors like yellowish green, pale green, apple green, deep green etc. Besides chrysoprase, other members of the cryptocrystalline quartz family include carnelian, agate and onyx.

Chrysoprase Stone

Chrysoprase Stone
Chrysoprase Stone

Green Chalcedony

Occurring within the deep weathering profile in the Marlborough district, the gems can be easily crafted and can take a fine polish. Usually they are carved into bangles, beads and other ornamental objects. Many green gemstones are mostly owe their color to vanadium or chromium, but chrysoprase gemstones derive their beautiful coloration from the nickel content. Which means that the color of the stone will fade if it is subjected to too much sunlight.

Unlike many non-transparent members of the quartz family, what makes chrysoprase desirable is the color of the stone, rather than any pattern of markings. Due to it's semi-opaque green color, chrysoprase is often mistaken for imperial jadeite. There is another mineral which is similar to chrysoprase, that is chrome chalcedony, in which the color of the stone is provided by chromium rather than nickel. Long ago, in upper Silesia, Poland, the deposit of Frankenstein (Zabkowice) was the most important mine but this source has been depleted. Today’s deposits include Australia (New South Wales), India, Tanzania, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia (the Urals), Zimbabwe, Madagascar and South Africa. In the United States it mainly found in California and Arizona.

Chrysoprase Necklace

Chrysoprase Necklace
Chrysoprase Necklace

Chrysoprase Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Chrysoprase is believed to be a powerful stone. It is said to bring prosperity and good fortune, as well as business success. It enhances and strengthens friendships, helps its owner get rid of negative thoughts and irritability. Chrysoprase equalizes yin and yang energies because it is a balancing stone and it can be used to create deep meditation.

It is a powerful healing stone that aids eye problems, immune system response, mental illness, gout, fertility issues, relieves fevers and excess body heat, and can help guard against sexually transmitted diseases. It can mend broken hearts and also remove superiority or inferiority complexes. Chrysoprase is related primarily to the heart chakra (the 4th chakra), which it activates, opens and energizes. Chrysoprase is well suited to people who born under the zodiac signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Cancer.


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