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Danskin Leggings and Tights

Updated on August 30, 2011


Danskin is a quality brand that make excellent leggings and tights to fit all shapes and sizes. Originally catering to the dancing community, Danskin has been producing affordable dancewear since 1882. 

But you don't need to be a dancer to wear Danskin leggings and tights. These are high quality products that can be worn for physical activities or as regular clothing items. Danskin aim for comfort from their products, and they certainly deliver!

If you're looking for danskin leggings and / or tights, there's a selection for everyone below. If you haven't worn Danskin clothing before, you're in for a treat as some leggings and tights can be infuriatingly uncomfortable to wear. Not the case with this excellent brand!

Danskin Leggings

Danskin started out as a family business selling dance apparel to the dancers of New York City. They have since gone on to create ranges of activewear and casual wear, as well as fitness equipment.

With the impending release of the Fame movie at the time of writing this, there is sure to be a lot of interest from the fashion world in terms of dance attire in the coming months. This is a trend that pops in and out of fashion on a regular basis due to such films. Whether or not leg warmers will make a comeback is questionable, but I'm sure that we will see an increase of tights, leggings and leotards on people.

In terms of fashion, you wouldn't go for the whole dance look in one outfit, that would possibly look ridiculous if you're just going about day to day life, no dancing involved! But leggings worn under dresses, tights under shorts, or leotards teamed with skirts or trousers are sure to make appearences. Lady GaGa has already been a poster girl for body suits (leotards with fasteners underneath for easier bathroom breaks for the everyday woman!) and they are now back in shops due to public demand.

Danskin Tights

Danskin tights are comfortable, and that's not a word usually associated with tights. Whether for dancing, other forms of exercise, or just for fashion, these tights are really great for adults or children.

What I love about Danskin tights is that you aren't worried that you're going to put your fingers through then either putting them on, or taking them off. They're durable but soft. Have you ever ruined a pair of tights just by putting them on? I have, loads of times. It's annoying and expensive. I've also ruined lots of pairs when taking tights off, one wear and that's it, in with the rubbish they go. Not very cost effective, especially in the current financial climate.

If you're looking for a pair of two in one tights, go for the Danskin convertible tights. You can have regular tights and footless tights all in one pair!


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