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Ex Officio Underwear - Travel Underwear For Men

Updated on August 30, 2011

Ex Officio Underwear

Travel underwear makes life easier for vacations, business trips or just the fact that you happen to live it a hot and / or humid climate. What makes Ex Officio underwear so different from the underwear you currently have is the fact that it has 2 major benefits:

  1. An anti-microbial treatment to all Ex Officio underwear means that when you sweat, the moisture is absored by the fabric leaving skin cool, and odor free.
  2. Quick drying means that you can travel lighter, not having to take so much underwear on your travels. You simply wash items and they will be dry in 4 to 6 hours depending on how well you wring them out and what the humiditity is like.

Travel underwear is perfect for all your travelling needs. It's comfortable, keeps you cooler than regular underwear would, it keeps sweat from the skin, leaves you odor free and it dries fast, so you can travel lighter.

Travel Underwear For Men

The thing about Ex Officio underwear is that although it has all these cool aspects that normal underwear doesn't have, it looks totally the same and comes in the same variety of regular styles in a choice of colors.

If only for personal hygiene, this travel underwear is worth checking out. Staying cool and fresh and allowing the skin to breath is not only more comfortable, but more hygienic too.

The quicker driying aspect is great for travelling, it means that you don't have to take clean underwear for each day. You can take one or two pairs, wash them out before bed and have fresh clean underwear for the next day. You never need to carry wet underwear that hasn't dried properly in your luggage again.

Ex Officio underwear isn't just for travelling, if you want comfort in hot weather, home or away, this is the underwear for you.


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