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Speedo Trunks - The Hot Trend For 2013

Updated on February 13, 2013

Speedos On Trend

Speedos are back! Not that they ever went away, they just fell out of fashionable favor. Now though, Speedo trunks are the beachwear for men that is once again high fashion. If you want to be on trend this Summer and beyond, you've got to slip on a pair of Speedo trunks and show off your physique.

Below you will find the best Speedo trunks available.

So what's caused this recent resurgence of Speedo popularity? Well it started with mens underwear. Boxer shorts are proving less popular than they were a year or so ago, with wearers choosing a smaller underwear shape such as the trunk. Trunk wearers are also going down in underwear shape, favoring the brief. This has transferred into beachwear.

Speedo Trunks / Briefs

Coming in a variety of colors (choose the style to see all color options available), these Speedo trunks are the beachwear of choice for men who want to be on trend in the coming months.

It's all about showing off as much as you can on the beach or beside the pool, gone are the days of the board short look, it's all about Speedo trunks now.

So if you want to be on trend, which type of trunk should you choose? Fashion-wise the smaller the better, comfort and confidence-wise, whatever Speedo trunk appeals the most.

It's a case of looking good and feeling great, being body confident and proud of your physique.

It's official, Speedos are once again sexy, celebrity males such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake and of course, Michael Phelps just to name a few, have been photographed wearing Speedos recently.

This is a hot trend that is going to be everywhere this Summer and beyond. If you are looking for the beachwear of the moment, you can't get better than Speedo trunks. It's all about showing off your body and being proud to do so.

Speedo Bond Style

If you're a bit more reserved and don't want to show quite as much fleash as the Speedo trunks reveal, here's a great alternative that still rocks the fashion stakes.

The Speedo square leg is the more modest choice of beachwear, but it's still skimpy enough to get the girls pulses racing.

Daniel Craig rocked this look and you can too, it's a wearable choice if you don't want to go for the Speedo trunk.

The Speedo brand offer great quality, affordable prices and comfortable fitting swimwear. If you want to be on trend this Summer and beyond, choose Speedo, for lasting quality that looks great.

Speedo Trunks
Speedo Trunks


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