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Pinterest Interests- Fashion Trends: Hot in Polka Dot

Updated on July 7, 2013

Lookin' Hot in Polka Dot

The polka dot pattern has been around for quite some time. Since the mid 1800’s in fact. It’s no secret that polka dots are very huge when it comes to fashion. Here are a few hot dots and polka nots.

Khakis, blacks and navies go well with polka dots.
Khakis, blacks and navies go well with polka dots. | Source

Neutrals and Polkas

These ladies look hot while donning their polka dots. Teaming polka dots up with solids are always a safe bet. Khakis, blacks and navies paired up with polka dots displayed on a neutral background always bring an outfit home. Polka dots don’t always have to be on top. Plains switched up on top with dots on the bottom will still give your outfit a cute kick.

Just look at how these two work their chic look, strutting their stuff. Nothing is confusing or straining on the eye. These polka dots manage to get down to business with their khaki counterparts. Their handbags, accessorizing jewelry and pumps don't dare waste time in making them look even more fashionable as dotted divas.

The mustard & navy work well together with the dots.
The mustard & navy work well together with the dots. | Source
The yellow adds some spunk!
The yellow adds some spunk! | Source
Match colors up and the dots will follow.
Match colors up and the dots will follow. | Source

Solid Colors and Dots

Don’t be afraid of color. Mix colors with dots and look out! You are ready to rock, roll and head out on the town. Splashes of reds, yellows and greens can really rock an outfit and make those dots pop! Check out these mixes. Using pastels can also soften dots and make them stand out when matched together.

Look how the contrast of the navy and mustard manage to fit together like peanut butter and jelly. It looks great! This look is easy to achieve as long as you make a color wheel your best friend. Don't be afraid to mix and match bold colors with one another. You never know until you try them together and see what they do for each other. Combine that with the perfect jewelry and you are too hot to touch!

Check out picture number two. Doesn't she look adorbs with her little sweater and polka dotted dress? Notice how it didn't take much to make her outfit an attention getter. Just a little yellow sweater that's all. No doubt had she only wore the dress, without the sweater, it wouldn't have looked nearly as fun. She also combined it with some neutral shoes that won't distract away from the true eye popper. Too cute!

Lastly, this look is fun and outside the box as far as the color scheme goes. Again, don't be afraid to mix up some colors and see what happens. Here we have a mix of mint, a light chocolate and baby blue. But doesn't it just work?! She knew what she was doing when she woke up that morning. She was ready to be fun and happy that day and I'm sure she succeeded.

This dress is cute and light.
This dress is cute and light. | Source
The dots make nice with the touch of the red belt.
The dots make nice with the touch of the red belt. | Source
A hot bulky mess. Pick the right outfit for your dots.
A hot bulky mess. Pick the right outfit for your dots. | Source

All Dotted Up

A whole outfit made up of dots?! Are you kidding? No, I'm not. Don't worry, dressing in all dots can be fine. Just be sure to pick well in this department. Body type can play a role in this and affect the outcome of your outfit. Before you make that purchase make sure that image staring back at you in the mirror flatters you and not disfigures you.

Take this first 'fit for example. Such a pretty colorful frock don't you think? Love the design of the dress as well. Wish it would have been modeled for us. But don't let the cuteness fool you. It may not look as good on as it does off. As mentioned before, try something like this on and make sure it makes you shine not dulls you out and frumps you up because the pattern doesn't look good on you. We don't want that.

Now this next outfit could have presented a seizure inducing challenge but it actually works. Why? It's the switch up of the patterns. Black dots on white combo-ed with white dots on black make this outfit easier on the eyes to take in. Had the shirt been long sleeve, it could have been too much. The red belt also breaks up each pattern making this outfit a smart one. The belt also acts as a mediator for the dots. Keeping them in balance. But the bubble buster here are the stockings. Too much! They should have left well enough alone. Black stockings would have been sufficient enough. Take heed of this example.

Now this last one is not on the list for hotness. It’s obvious that it’s disproportionate on the model. This is what I clearly mean about making sure the outfit suits your body type. And that the dots enhance you and not make a mockery out of you. Even if this dress were to fit the model I think the dots would still make her look undesirable. Frumpy indeed!

The stockings keep things flirty under that skirty.
The stockings keep things flirty under that skirty. | Source
Scarves with dots equal one heck of an accessory.
Scarves with dots equal one heck of an accessory. | Source
Polka dotted bags adds some fun.
Polka dotted bags adds some fun. | Source
Dotted head to toe.
Dotted head to toe. | Source

Accessorize the Dots

Plain scarves can always help pull an outfit together but adding a scarf with dots to your outfit can make things fun and whimsical. Pulling off dotted hose under a solid skirt can also add a little hmmph.

Spunk up a skirt with a pair of dotted hose, if you dare. This would make any skirt fun and flirty. The added touch of the belt is also great. Though it's dotted as well, the skirt separates the two just right as to not overwhelm passerbyers as they check out those flirty pair of legs. I would reconsider the shoes though. Even they do make a fashion statement I think black would have perhaps been a better choice. White shoes would blend in too well with the stockings.

Okay can we just mention the color scheme of the next one first. Those colors really know how to work together: greens, blues and whites. How refreshing and cool. And cool best describes that pretty cobalt blue with its white polkas. Just love how it accents and adds some pizazz (yes I said pizazz) to the ol’ hum-drum denim and white tee. Plus with those little delicate green shoes and accessorizing bracelets! To die for!

Watch out for Ms. Hot Thang in the following picture. Though she has the look of someone that’s all about the business and will accept nothing below her status, she also makes it known that she has a fun, carefree-ness about herself. So while she still looks bourgeois she doesn't mind adding a fun little accessory and showing how light and go-with-the-flow she can be.

Check out the last one in this category. What’dya think? Over the top? Yes. Is it adorable? Most definitely. Will it work? Who knows. You will have to buy it and see if it works for you. Despite the fact that there are dots galore this fun ensemble actually is do-able on the fashion scene. The differences in dot sizes and the alternating of the color schemes actually help make this outfit not so eye blinding.

Love this color scheme!
Love this color scheme! | Source
Layered patterns work for not against.
Layered patterns work for not against. | Source
Belts make pattern on patterns easier on the eye.
Belts make pattern on patterns easier on the eye. | Source
Three examps of pattern on pattern.
Three examps of pattern on pattern. | Source
Be careful how you wear your patterns.
Be careful how you wear your patterns. | Source
Be wise when selecting pattern on pattern.
Be wise when selecting pattern on pattern. | Source

Pattern on Pattern

Be careful! This is a dangerous line to cross. You have to tread lightly when it comes to dressing pattern on pattern whether it’s with dots, chevrons or florals. Make sure that the dot vs "other pattern" ratio works and does not backfire on you. In most cases, breaking up patterns with belts or solid colors can help refresh the eye and keep from having major brain-to-eye confusion.

In this first image we have an aqua and dark gray chevron patterned sweater paired with an aqua dotted collared crisp shirt displayed on a white background. Can this get any more playfully sophisticated? Don't think so. She is ready to meet up with some friends and have a fun night out. The genius of coordinating the polka dots with the same upbeat color of the aqua in the sweater, makes this layered look one that dazzles. The polka dots merely enhance the zigzag of the chevron leaving nothing but positive words to say for this fresh look. Even the spacing out of the dots are placed perfectly to prevent the two from looking too busy together. These patterns give one another room to breathe and compliment each other.

In the photo of the black spotted sweater and plaid undershirt, this layered look is reminiscent of collegiate apparel. It can even double as office attire for a Casual Friday. Having a layered look of dots combined with a pattern can always work if done properly. This and the above are both examples to prove it. In this top and sweater combo it works. The plaid, though mostly hidden, somehow manages to bring out the seriousness of the dots. Yet at the same time still giving a peppiness to the outfit. Adding those Mary Janes was a smart choice accented along with that delicious green handbag. The two really set this outfit off and encourages her to be seen.

Love the stripes and dots on the following models. Notice again how a belt can do so much. It just separates the two patterns. Even though you get a peek of the dots above the belt line there's still an idea of separation for the two designs. As you can see whether the top's stripes are spread apart or more closely together the patterns still work well together. These both make great outfits for the office.

Though the next group of 3 are far different from one another the polka dots seem to work. The far left one has a bit to be desired but the far two at the right know how to combine their dots with other patterns. The middle model's top at first sight appears to be quite busy but when further examined, the contrasting patterns somehow work together. The multi-colored dots blend in so well. Being colored they almost act as if they were plain colors against polka dots instead. There is also not a feeling of struggle between the black and white dots that border the shirt and the skirt. This outfit dances on the verge of breaking pattern-on-pattern rules but manages to succeed in making it edgy yet right on point. The third image is similar to the modeled patterns before. The contrast of stripes and polkas don't fight against each other as long as there's a belt keeping things at bay.

Now for the dont's on this topic. The last two are pretty close to perfect examples of it. Let's start with the striped jacket and polka dot shorts. Lord, where do we begin. This outfit is far too baggy and elongated for the model. Again, body type is just as important as paying attention to how the patterns work together. This example makes the model look bigger than what she is. The jacket comes down way to far and the shorts are too loosely fit. With the combo of the mis-matched patterns and the loose fit, it gives the model the appearance of being sloppy. Not too mention, the pattern of the jacket seems to overwhelm the dotting of the shorts. Perhaps if the jacket was waist length and the stripes were closer together it would work with the dots versus against it.

The next photo gives an attempt to have two different patterns also. Even though they don't necessarily fight against each other, the two patterns don't compliment each other either. If any lesson has been learned by now, it is that with an accessorizing belt the whole game can be changed. In this case, the belt situation here does not work. The color of the belt does nothing to improve things. A lime green or light blue could have been the needed component in bringing this outfit more together. Possibly another shirt could have resulted in a better outfit. A shirt with a black and white color scheme or a different pattern probably could have been more appealing.

Connect with the Dots

Accessorizing bag.
Accessorizing bag. | Source
These shoes don't miss a step.
These shoes don't miss a step. | Source
Love this sheer polka.
Love this sheer polka. | Source
Dots on dots strikes again.
Dots on dots strikes again. | Source
Dots with a splash of color.
Dots with a splash of color.
Pattern on pattern works even with a dotted belt.
Pattern on pattern works even with a dotted belt. | Source

Which Polka Fan Are You?

See results

Hopefully this will help give someone ideas on putting different patterns together. Especially if they have a polka dotted shirt, shorts or top that they don't have a clue as to how to coordinate. Polka dots are really fun and can bring a certain bubbliness to any outfit. I really enjoy looking at photographs of fashion and thinking about how I'd do something different or how it's perfect just the way it is. All thoughts in this hub are my opinion. I'm not by a long shot an expert but I do enjoy dressing with a bit of fashion sense. Join in with me and let me know your opinions as well. If we enjoy ourselves I may do it again.


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    • NiaG profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Ausseye, you crack me up. Perhaps you should find a plain shirt with a polka dotted pocket. Or wear an ensemble with a jacket displaying a dotted kerchief inside the pocket of the jacket. You might just need a splash of dot versus an all-dotted patterned piece to make you unlaughable. :-) Good luck to you and let me know how it turns out.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi NiaGeeDot,

      Loved the hub but I am a little distressed as nothing shown would suit me, I just don’t look all that hot in polka dot and feel left out… I fashion insensible and what can I do about it? I’ve really tried to make the dot work for me but alas it has been met with just such laughter that I though I was a comedian for a while until the joke dawned on me that it was all about me. You’d be pleased to know I still got up on stage and POKED fun at the audience until they booed me off. I then took our polka dot idea and turned it on the audience and started poking fun at them from the start and they started cheering and sending me off with ovations, and I became a doddering comedian. A hub of valuable dots if you an join or enjoy them.


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