Wedding ring is sign of love and respect for couples

  1. profile image53
    bridaldressposted 11 years ago

    Down the lanes of history it is always seen that the love for jewelry basically for rings is identical in every part of world history. Ring was always seen with a different kind of importance in history of continentals like Egypt, Rome, Greece, Sind,  Mesopotamian etc. Later in middle age the picture remains the same and till today that is the same as before. Even now a marriage or engagement is equated with exchanging of rings between two persons. The ritual of giving engagement rings or wearing wedding rings or bands came from Greek fable. According to that fable it is said that our fourth finger is directly connected with our heart and therefore wearing wedding rings in this finger will prove immense good for you and your beloved as it will bring immense happiness and protect yours’ Dark Green Evening Dresses
    love. But in actuality it is proved not true as there is no such connection between the vein of the fourth finger and your heart. In present the reason of that myth is abolished but people still wear wedding rings or engagement rings on their fourth finger as it looks beautiful and somewhere it is believed that it is good for the love. In middle age most of the wedding rings are made up with colorful gemstones. These colorful gems symbolize life. The smallest betrothal ring on record was given to two year old Princess Mary,Dark Navy Evening Dresses
    daughter of Henry VIII, on the event of her engagement to the infant Dauphin of France, son of King Francis I, in 1518. The tiny gold ring, fitted to her finger, was set with a valuable diamond. Historians are of the belief that the item of betrothal owes its origins not to the metal but papyrus strands of the plant species, twisted so as to form the ring.According to the archeological study this customary ritual was first recorded in Egypt. Then this exchanging was viewed as an earthly commitment of never ending love and respect for the ‘would be’ husband and wife. This picture was not always the same for everyone as in other countries this same ritual has a legal bearing with it. In Roman culture this exchange of ring was considered as legal commitment. The custom was like this as a girl accepts this from a man and it becomes his legal right to marry her in the future. Dark Royal Blue Evening Dresses
    The girl is then unable to remove herself after accepting the ring. This brought a change in reason behind the ring presentation, where the rings were presented not out of love but ‘badges of property’. The prospective bride would be fixed and booked to the new home leaving no scope for her to run away. It was very much like booking within the precincts of home for life – property rights as one would call it. We can have a pretty good idea of this thing if we look at the thing that matching with the theme Romans made their rings from iron to convey its hardness and stiffness of the legal proclaim. Now this custom has been changed with time and now there is sign of property related with it.

    1. itzewrgurl profile image41
      itzewrgurlposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      yes ewr right one little ring plays a very important role in relationship especially one like wedding


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