Green Products

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    lgliqueposted 8 years ago

    With so many people interested in going green and saving money nowdays, there are some interesting products on the market.  Many of these products proclaim they are green but then when you investigate the manufacturing process you find that the product itself may be contributing to the decline of the environment through CO2 production, use of non sustainable materials, runoff production etc.  Where do you turn for reliable sources?  Well, after reading many articles, online and in magazines, I realized that the individual has to make the choice to investigate themselves or use a service that does the investigating for you.  Simply trusting the manufacturer of the product is NOT a good idea.  Neither is trusting government information (did anyone see that O'bama's "green" advisor told him that if we all painted our roof white it would reduce the temperature......I hope this is just a rumor but it was in the news......I really hope our leadership is more intelligent than to believe something so asinine).  Anyway, I found that your best bet is to use some common sense (that article in particular was pretty stupid, and a 5th grade neighbor kid told me he couldn't believe adults were that ignorant) and use one of the independent companies that do NOT depend on a product of their own to supply you with the "solution".  Most people realize that there is no ONE solution.  Taking small steps toward using green products in your home can help you become more aware.  By the way, most of the truly green products are NOT found in your supermarket.  Green products are generally locally produced and sold (remember that being green in transporting the product is also a factor).  So find yourself a local eco consultant (use your search engine) and ask their advice or read their local column in your forum section or newspaper or attend one of their workshops.  That will help you get a good grasp of where you are going and what you need to look for to make your product selection better for you, your family, your long term budget, and the environment all in one!

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    apekshaposted 8 years ago

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