I got a tattoo on my toe & my foot a week ago yesterday. The one on my toe is in

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    Tatianna83posted 7 years ago

    I got a tattoo on my toe & my foot a week ago yesterday. The one on my toe is infected I was told to

    I was told to keep it dry & use a very small amount of bacitracin. Will this help it heal quickly without ruining my tattoo? I was also wondering if it would be good to periodicly ice the toe?

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    michifusposted 7 years ago

    Don't touch it, don't pick off the scab. Clean it twice daily with the bacitracin, keep it dry - I.e not covered and it should be fine. If after a couple of days there is no problem, see a doctor. It may be you need antibiotics.

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    mieketownsendposted 7 years ago

    I know this question was posted 9 months ago, but I feel the need to put my two cents in on this subject. I would definitely NOT use bacitracin. The effect to your tattoo could be having to have it redone due to the colors not healing the way they were supposed to. My first go to would be neosporin. I know I have a hub that says not to use it, but I used to use it, on my first few tattoos many many years ago and these tattoos healed beautifully and have held their colors. I have been told by tattoo artists that I'm lucky, but this was what was recommended by many tattoo artists at the time. I also suggest the use of lavender oil mixed into vitamin E oil. This too helps with keeping the tattoo clean. Lavender has great cleansing properties without leaching the color out of your tat. Vitamin E oil will help your infected tattoo heal without scarring, which is helpful if you should have to have it touched up later. Ultimately, keeping it clean by washing it a couple of times a day with unscented and unfragranced soap, making sure to dry it thoroughly without removing the scab or any or the dry skin pieces. Keep it in open air as much as possible and make sure there isn't any sock lint stuck in it. If there is, thoroughly soak your foot then carefully remove the lint. If the lint isn't coming easily, soak your foot for longer, until the lint easily removes without taking scab or skin with it. If the infection doesn't start to clear in a day or two, see your doctor. If the infection continues to get worse, definitely get to your doctor asap. Hope your toe turned out ok!!