i don't understand...i live in country which most of the woman like to have whit

  1. NikenDiana profile image55
    NikenDianaposted 7 years ago

    i don't understand...i live in country which most of the woman like to have white skin...while...

    their real skin is brown...because the guys prefer to have girlfriend with bright skin..
    for me...i like natural skin i have which is brown...what's wrong with that...
    anyone agree with me..???

  2. MickS profile image72
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    you stick with what you, and Mother Nature intended, we come in all shapes, sizes and colours, be proud of it.

  3. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Personally, I think this is another manifestation of people always wanting what they don't have. People with straight hair want curly and vice versa, people with blue eyes want green and green eyes want brown, brown hair want blonde and blonde want black, etc. etc. On this same line, skin whiteners and various methods of bleaching or keeping it light seem to be great sellers in countries where people are predominantly darker (when I sold products that included skin whiteners, my biggest customers were Chinese), whereas in countries where skin is predominantly white people buy instant tanning creams, etc.

    While everyone is different, I'd say go with what's natural. In fact, in my experience a lot of the artificial stuff is more what women think they need than what men want to see. This may not be true of all men, but it is of at least some...in fact, many men have told me that one of the most attractive things about me is my "natural beauty" (as they say) because I don't dye my hair or use heat and chemicals to style it, I don't wear cosmetics, etc. If you like your natural skin best, then wait for the man who also likes it best smile.